A wee stone wall at the front gate garden.

It is sunny today!  And even somewhat warm (14 degrees Celsius, 57 degrees Fahrenheit) so out in the garden is where I was all morning.  I came across some really nice stones in one of our local fields recently.  The owner had a laugh when I asked, but he agreed to let me have as many stones as I’d like, so long as I didn’t disrupt his potato crop.  That was fine by me!  The kids and I hauled a bunch of stones  back to our place. There are big ones, small ones, flat and rounded ones.   I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing with them, but for starters I’m using some to finish off the front garden at our gates.  I think it’s a stretch to call it a wall, but for lack of a better name, that is what I’m calling it!

There are two hostas in the front garden by the gate, and two newly planted climbing roses (Zephirine Drouhin 1868).  My hopes are that the roses will climb along the fence (we’ll see!).  I’ve put down wet newspapers to keep down any grass,  and then some topsoil.   I think by Fall I’ll have some more ideas of what I’ll want to plant here.

I also took some more pictures of life around the garden.  My Angelique tulips are really in full bloom now, and look so much nicer in sunlight!  The cherry tree, and maple tree are showing their beauty.  I wasn’t sure how my new Tree Peony would do when we planted it as there was very little of a root system on it. But it seems to have taken hold and is growing.   I didn’t take a picture of our Japanese Maple because it is completely wind destroyed!  We will be looking for a new location for that very soon.  My purple anemone have to be one of my favorite flowers this year  with their amazing color! (called Mr. Fokker).

There are just two days left to my swimming course this weekend, and then I can work a lot harder in the garden!

I hope you are able to spend some time outside in the sunshine!


The wee wall, hosta, and climbing rose plant.

Cherry blossom.

Maple leaves.

Tree Peony.

Double late Angelique tulips.

Mr. Fokker Anemone.

6 thoughts on “A wee stone wall at the front gate garden.

  1. Wish I was as techno sauvy as you… I’d leave a picture. It was 95 degrees in Hickory NC today!!! I picked peas early this morning & asparagus. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Amy, wow that is hot!!! I don’t have any sign of my peas yet, and my asparagus is so thin (???) lucky you! You know I’d love to see a picture, we’ll get that yet! Thank you for reading my blog, I love sharing it 🙂

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