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Well, I think it’s pretty!  This is our new “Terracotta Look Water Butt” (rain trap system).  It’ll hold 245 liters of water.  It’s hooked up to our drain pipe.  We saw this when we were at the Dublin “Bloom” festival last year.  http://bloominthepark.com/   I like the idea of using rain water in the garden, and I think it looks nice too!  We aren’t currently charged for water use in Ireland, but they are planning on introducing charges in the near future.  Either way, I like the idea of “catching” rain water and using it.   Funny thing is, the price of the rain catcher has taken a big jump up this year. I’m guessing it’s because of the impending water charges.  That’s too bad.  We thought it was a reasonable price that we paid (160 euro).  It’s now 245 euro.  http://www.rainbarrels.ie/cascata-authenthic-terracotta-look-water-butt-p-843.html?osCsid=lbu9dkp336urikn9g3o1cq9sj7

I used it this morning to water the garden.  My watering can fits right under the water tap.  It’s nice and easy!

We are finally getting some real heat!  It was 22 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit).  By Irish standards, this was quite warm!  I have to say it really was a comfortable temperature.  The sun is what made it perfect.  Everything is taking a growth spurt in the garden (including the weeds)!  I’ve had a very unglamorous week of weeding.  I thought the two pictures below were pretty enough to show you.  I hope your garden is getting some sun, and you too!


Blue Geranium in the evening.  These were given to me by my friend Susan, and they have just thrived! Such an easy plant to tend.

I think my Hawthorne is really looking well in full bloom!

Ditch wall and our Hawthorne trees.