A peek at the garden in late spring.

April 30th!  Where has the time gone?  I have really missed writing about my garden, and especially working in it!  Where have I been, you might be wondering?  I coach swimming for young kids and I absolutely love it.  I’ve been coaching for two years and decided it would be helpful to take a course for a higher qualification.  I’ve been completely tied up with that course over the past month.  It’s been great, and I’ve learned a lot so I’m very glad for having taken it.  This coming weekend is the end of the course, and well, I’ll be glad to have my old schedule back and some free time for gardening!

In the meantime, I’ve gone through my garden to see how all the plants are doing.   My pictures show very dry soil, but actually our area is very windy (super, super windy!).  So even though the top of the soil might look dry, just underneath it is fine.  Garlic seems to be the most eager to get growing, as it is coming up rather quickly.  The shallots are just starting to pop up.  The early spuds are doing fine.  Probably this weekend we’ll cover them with more soil (called earthing up).  I’m delighted with all of the blooms on our apple trees.  This is the first year our pear tree has blooms, so I’m hopeful that we will have fruit on it this year!  The blueberries & strawberries are looking really good, too!  So hopefully I’ll be trying my hand at making jam this year.

The blog has become a bit of a family project.  The kids like to know what I’m writing about and taking pictures of, especially if they are helping in the garden.  My 12 year old daughter laughed at my Rose Garden post since I hadn’t actually posted any pictures of the rose plants.  There really wasn’t any point in posting pictures of small little plants with no roses, though!  The tulips are much prettier!  So I did throw in a picture of one of the rose plants that is now coming along nicely.  More in the rose garden, my late tulips (Double late Angelique)  are blooming, too.

We haven’t really had a pleasant spring in Ireland. It’s been cold, windy, and somewhat dry.  I’m really hoping we get some warmth soon!  At least we have had some sun, which is always such a blessing.  One day I managed to capture a Goldfinch on our fence.  Since we have a cat I don’t get many opportunities like that!

I hope your garden is bringing you joy, and  coming into bloom too!


A Goldfinch sitting on our fence.  He has a lovely red head.

The garlic is coming up nicely.


The early potatoes “Colleens” are coming up.

Pear tree blossom.

Our two varieties of apple trees; Arthur Turner which is a cooking apple, and the second is an “eating” apple tree.

Our blueberry, raspberry and strawberry plants are growing nicely.

A couple different varieties of hosta.  Slugs love hosta, so I put some organic slug pellets around them (works ok, but daily checking is only sure way to keep slugs from devouring the plants).

Rose plant.

My Double Late Angelique tulips (in the rose garden).

I’ve planted some Senetti in a container.  The color is “baby magenta bicolor”.  A very cheerful flower!

2 thoughts on “A peek at the garden in late spring.

  1. It seems that our spring is similar to yours. It started very warm and dry but is now back to normal with rain and very cool temperatures. Lets hope we both have some warmth and sunshine soon.

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