Wordless Wednesday: Grow Your Own Organic Garlic

Home grown garlic and Polish Pottery

Home grown organic garlic at the beginning of February.  Showing off in the garlic bed is one of my Polish Pottery mugs – sittin’ pretty and being all artsy 😉

Hello Wordless Wednesday fans!  Just three pictures today as they say it all.  Grow your own garlic because it is just too easy!  We plant it in November or even as late as December and it starts to pop up after the hard frosts pass.  I like watching the progress through the months.  To me, that is called enjoying the little things!

Organic ‘Vallelado’ Garlic at the beginning of March

I do all of my organic ordering on-line.  I like getting my potatoes and garlic from Fruit Hill Farm, down in Cork (they have very good customer service).  Here’s their link:  https://www.fruithillfarm.com/

Garlic wreath with artichokes and roses from the garden

A couple of years ago we had so much garlic that I made a wreath with some of them! (I also ended up using that garlic throughout the following winter…)

Maybe you’ll make a note to plant some organic garlic next winter?

In peace,