Wordless Wednesday: A memory trigger Tulip

Blushing Lady tulip

Blushing Lady tulip

First I must start with clarifying that “Wordless Wednesday” for me means a blog post with very “light” content!  🙂  Now, on to the topic at hand… Do you know what I mean by “A memory trigger”?  Something that brings back memories:  Scents can often be memory triggers, or a song, or even a flower.

Blushing Lady tulip

Blushing Lady tulip

I started gardening when we moved into our first house, in New York.  I didn’t spend a lot of time in the garden, though, because I had three babies and never enough energy, not to mention time.  One type of flower I did plant, though, was a variety of this Blushing Lady tulip.  The only difference is that the original variety had a lovely scent.

Blushing Lady tulips next to our play house

Blushing Lady tulips next to our play house

I try really hard not to impulse buy with plants, but I saw a bag of these Blushing Lady bulbs in the store last year and that was it.  I just had to have them. For me, they brought me right back to my days of having babies and carefree days playing in the yard with them.  My oldest child is turning 18 this summer!

creating a bed just for them

creating a bed just for them

I’ve been wanting to create some flower beds around our play house and this was a perfect incentive to get the job started. I like the pink & yellow tulips with the playhouse background.  I like the pink & yellow tulips full-stop!   I’m not really sure what is going to be planted with them.  I’m sure something will present itself!

Do you have any plant memory triggers?

In peace,

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A memory trigger Tulip

  1. I think tulips are such a lovely flower. I could never have them when we lived in New Hampshire because of the deer. Yours are beautiful and isn’t it nice they bring back such pleasant memories.

    • Hi Karen, We actually had our tulips within our fenced-in pool area in New York. Otherwise the deer would have enjoyed them. I’m so glad to not have that issue here! I just realized that I have tulips in almost all of my flower beds. Even with the strong breezes that we get at our house they are surprisingly strong. I just love them! 🙂

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