Wordless Wednesday: Betty’s quilt

Betty's quilt

Betty’s quilt

Last week’s Wordless Wednesday featured a picture in my friend Susan’s kitchen. This week I am featuring a picture from my friend Betty’s kitchen.  I wonder if this is going to be a new trend?  🙂

I’m really failing on this “Wordless” part because I must tell you about how wonderful Betty, and her husband Harold, are!  I took this picture in their kitchen last summer when I had the pleasure of visiting them. They were our next door neighbors for ten years when we lived in Central New York.   Their house is filled with so many neat antiques.  They are both 87 years young and still doing the things they love to do, like gardening, quilting and painting!

Simply amazing

Simply amazing

Betty made this quilt and I think it is so beautiful!  Just looking at it makes me smile and think of how much we enjoyed being their neighbors and having an “extra set” of grandparents right next door.

Capture the moment, share the love, and cherish the memories.

In peace,

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