In a Vase on Monday: Pink, Purple, Red & Coral … in November!

Pink Hesperanthus (schizostylis)

Pink Hesperanthus (schizostylis)

Hello there!  I am so looking forward to this week’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme!  My weekend included one whole entire day that had no scheduled activities.  woohoo!  That meant garden time for me.  To top off that great schedule, the weather was incredible on Saturday; very mild and beautifully sunny!



I worked until I was physically exhausted and could do no more.  There is always so much to do in a garden!  I would not call it work though because I enjoy all of it.  But it certainly does take time and effort.  Lots of effort.

Knautia macedonica "Red Knight"

Knautia macedonica “Red Knight”

After my hard working day, I was so happy to take some time and gather flowers.  At that stage though, I had to move quickly to catch the setting sun in my pictures.  My collection includes Hesperantha, Erysimum Bowles’ Mauve, Geranium, and  Knautia Macedonica ‘Red Knight’.

Erysimum Bowles' mauve

Erysimum Bowles’ mauve

I grouped the erysimum bowles’ Mauve all together.  The individual flowers were rather   wimpy looking on their own.  The group of them look almost substantial!



The geranium are two lovely shades.  We were scheduled to have a very hard frost on Saturday night (which we did have), so there days are seriously numbered.  They are from last year, though, so they have had a great long life.

Evening sunlight

Evening sunlight

I just love the evening sunlight…

In a Vase on Monday...

In a Vase on Monday…

This cute little arrangement fits nicely on our kitchen table.  I don’t have any pictures of that to show you, ’cause my kitchen is a bit of a disaster at the moment 😉

November in the garden...

November in the garden…

The vase I bought at a charity shop in Switzerland 18 years ago.  It is a very simple piece of pottery.  I last used it to hold an arrangement of barley, with the raffia tied in front.  It was for a special friend who really appreciated it.  But when she was done with it, she gave me back the little vase. So now I have it with memories of my friend too.

A different view

A different view

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Have a good week!

17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Pink, Purple, Red & Coral … in November!

  1. Even though I no longer go out to work it is rare for me to have a complete day I can devote to the garden, or even a couple of hours morning AND afternoon, so I know what you mean about the joy of a full day of it. What a pretty result it was from your November pickings – how tall is the the stoneware pot? Seeing your Bowles’ Mauve makes me wonder if I could forage enough from my few straggly plants to make up up a little vase too…. And I keep seeing Knautia Black and now Red Knight on people’s blogs – definitely need to look into that too! Thanks for sharing Dana 🙂

    • Hi Cathy! My vase is 4.5 inches tall (short?). I bet you could definitely make a bouquet of your erysimum bowles’ mauve. My blooms only have flowers at the very top but you can’t really see that in the bouquet. As for the Knautia Red Knight, it is such a sweet plant that keeps on blooming and blooming. The flowers are not attention grabbers, but so lovely when you take the time to appreciate them. A subtle flower, perhaps? They don’t last very long in a vase, though! I have come to find that everyone is busy… all of the time. It is a bit crazy! But I guess that is what keeps us going, and makes us appreciate the little things… Thanks for visiting, Cathy! See you next week 😉

    • Hi Karen, I love my hesperanthus (I have red and pink). Someone did tell me recently that they can spread (as in ‘like wild fire’), but I have not found that to be the case (yet?). Nice to have such a pretty flower so late in the season. Thanks for visiting! Dana

  2. Hi Dana, your little posy is so pretty – the geraniums and the wallflower are lovely together. I love the story associated with the little pot too – it makes a charity shop find extra special. Even though I’m retired I rarely have the luxury of a full day to spend in the garden but, like you, I enjoy it when I do. At this time of the year there’s an awful lot of tidying up to do before real winter sets in. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth, you mean even after I retire I still won’t have time??? 😉 I have heard that a lot, actually! We are all so busy. I’m thankful for the time that I get to spend in the garden as it is always makes me feel better. Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by! Dana

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