Organic Garlic sitting pretty in a hand carved wooden bowl

Harvest of Winter Planted Garlic

Harvest of Winter Planted Garlic

Growing garlic is easy.  Most things are easy to grow, actually.  It might be a bit harder if you have a cat that likes to dig up the beds, but if you can keep that under control you’ll be laughin’!   I won’t mention any kitty names…

So sweet ...

So sweet …

I posted loads of garlic pictures and a “how to” list in a previous post.  You can see that here:



Still waiting... (beets/beet root are in front bed)

Still waiting… (beets/beet root are in front bed)

After waiting and watching all winter, spring and part of the summer, last week it was finally time to harvest the garlic.  It is now drying out.  I am absolutely delighted with the size of them!

Vallelado garlic

Organic Vallelado garlic up close.  Look at the size of those individual cloves!

We planted a lot of garlic, which is good.  We use a lot, and now I have spare to share.  And share I did, with my friend Catherine.  Look what she did with my garlic!

Chicken pasta salad with roasted peppers served with garlic bread

Chicken pasta salad with garlic, roasted peppers and rocket (arugula) and served with garlic bread

Talk about being spoiled!  She and her ten year old daughter made this for my daughter and I.  What a lovely afternoon we had together.

Lunch is served

Lunch is served! Catherine also enjoys living in the countryside.

The garlic bread was especially yummy!  They used our fresh garlic, Parmesan cheese, and butter on toasted sourdough bread.

fresh garlic bread

fresh garlic bread

Isn’t it fun to share? 😉

Not to change the subject, but did you happen to notice the wooden bowl that my garlic is sitting in?  No?  I’ll show you again:

Garlic in wooden bowl

Garlic sitting pretty in our hand crafted wooden bowl

I love it.  It is pretty special, too, since it was given to us as a wedding gift.  Oh the story gets better!  The wood used is from a tree that was felled from my husband’s grandparent’s home place.  Isn’t that neat?

Spanish Chestnut hand made wooden bowl

Hand crafted Spanish Chestnut wooden bowl

Spanish Chestnut wooden bowl

Spanish Chestnut wooden bowl.  I’m using our Irish woolen blanket to prop it up.  I love Irish handmade items!

It was crafted by Gerard Fox from a Spanish Chestnut tree and is simply beautiful.

Gerard Fox is the craftsman

Gerard Fox is the craftsman

It is nice to be able to use it, even if just for rather dirty garlic! I love having such beautiful things all around…

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea with a backdrop of end of season lavender

like sweet pea in a vase…

I hope you have lots of beautiful things all around you, too.
Enjoy the moment!


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