In the moment: Harvesting Organic Karina Peas

A very simple snip

The pea plants have so many peas

Yesterday evening, as I was picking our peas, I became completely aware of the moment.  Do you ever get that feeling of suddenly knowing exactly where you are or what you are doing?  Not just going through the motions, but really being aware.  I had that moment yesterday.  Where I happen to be is living in the country, growing organic vegetables, expanding my flower garden, and being able to enjoy the company of friends and family (among other aspects of my life).

Organic Karina Peas

Organic Karina Peas

But it was the gathering of those fresh peas that really struck me as doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.  Gathering fresh vegetables from our garden that we tended and cared for, sharing them with the family and then taking pictures of them (of course, you know me by now!).  Pretty simple.  Facebook is a great way to see how friends and family are doing, and what adventures life is taking them on.  Yesterday in the garden, I knew my adventure was very different from so many people I know. But it is my adventure, and it is exactly where I am supposed to be.   What an amazing feeling that is!

Organic Karina peas

Organic Karina peas

Now, about those peas!  This year, I asked my husband to create little teepees for the peas to grow up.  I really think they are lovely to look at in the garden, instead of a straight wall of peas.

Pea Plants on left in  2013

Straight walls of Pea Plants on left in 2013

It just gives a very different look to the garden.  Well, I think it does.  🙂  I’m not sure we got the exact shape correct, as the peas seem quite packed in.  I would like to try them a bit larger next year. (take note, husband!)

Peas growing up their tee-pee

Peas growing up their teepees

The harvest from yesterday was amazing!  We definitely had more peas than in the previous two years.

This 11 inch colander is filled with peas!

I filled our 11 inch colander

Pea plants from a lower perspective

Pea plants from a lower perspective

Organic Karina Pea plants

Organic Karina Pea plants

Peas are easy to grow.  I consider my garden proof that whatever I can manage is easy to grow!  We made this bed last year and had already decided that it was going to be for peas.  As with all of our beds, we added a lot of our own compost to the soil over the winter.  I think that is the most important aspect of gardening: keeping the soil healthy.  Then, we simply read the instructions on the seed packets and set to work: ‘Sow March to May in shallow trench 5 cm deep and about 5 cm apart.’  These seeds were from The Organic Centre in Rossinver, County Leitrim.   Support your local organic centers! (or buy local organic produce when you can)

Lovely sized peas

Lovely sized peas

Ha! Oh I should mention that I am not a huge fan of peas.  I am sure my husband will laugh when he reads this post because our family only gets peas in the winter when he cooks them.  I’ll eat them, but I don’t really like them; EXCEPT homegrown peas.  They taste completely different.  These guys are so incredibly sweet.  The kids and I ate them uncooked with our dinner last night.  I’ve been munching on them while writing this post today.  They. Are. Awesome.

pea pod up close

pea pod up close

I hope I’ve convinced you to give peas a try in your garden next year!  Here is a link to my post from this time last year which included peas:  It is amazing how things change depending on the weather and the different items we plant in the garden!



My posts usually end with a flower.  But I took this picture of the peacock (he is the pet of a friend of a friend!) this past winter and still haven’t posted it.  So I think it is going to fit in nicely here today (my pea pictures landed next to the peacock in their alphabetical ordering as it happened).

I hope you are exactly where you want to be.

8 thoughts on “In the moment: Harvesting Organic Karina Peas

  1. I’m so glad you and I met before you left on your adventure, having you in my circle of friends has been wonderful. Thanks for sharing …

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  2. Your pea teepees are like sculptures in your garden. You made me laugh when I got to the part of your post about not liking peas unless they were fresh from your garden. 🙂

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