Dinner.  We eat  it every single day.  It’s not a surprise when the time for dinner rolls around again.  Kids, especially, want to eat.  Yet sometimes dinner time just seems to sneaks up on me and then I have no idea what we’ll be eating.  Yikes. This surprise feeling happens way more than I’d like to believe!  Today wasn’t so bad.  I had a general idea of what food I wanted to try and throw together. But honestly,  I do somewhat enjoy the  challenge of seeing  if I can come up with something interesting, healthy, and that the kids will eat – all  with no planning!  Sticking with my healthy theme, I wanted lentils and whole grain basmati rice.  To start things off with the vegetables, I used coconut oil and added  onions, celery, yellow peppers, one hot red chili pepper, and spinach.  Spices included a teaspoon each of turmeric, coriander & cumin, some cinnamon, and garlic.  Finally, I added full cream.  It smelled pretty good, so  I served  the vegetables on the rice with a dallup of whole fat Greek Style yogurt on top.   Phew! Finished just in time to eat and get the kids to their Irish dancing class!