I am very excited to try planting potatoes this year!  Last week  I ordered my organic “Colleen” early seed potatoes, and some “Sarpo Mira” main crop seed potatoes from The Organic Center in County Leitrim.  They arrived in no time, and I  now have the early spuds sitting in egg cartons for about two weeks while they sprout.  In the meantime, I’ve prepped two areas for potatoes.  The first area I started about two months ago, by laying down newspapers and cardboard.  Just recently, I added compost on top.  (O.K., the “I” here is actually my husband!)   The next step is to throw some topsoil on.  I’m planning that will happen in the next two weeks when the early  potatoes will be ready to be planted.

The second plot is going to go through the same process, just at a quicker pace! I only put the papers and compost down today.  I’m so glad I had enough compost!  It’s really very basic planting – no fancy borders or anything like that.  We live in an area that grows potatoes in many of the surrounding fields, so I am hopeful that we’ll have a good experience with this.