A visit to Tallanstown, Co. Louth, Ireland.

Yesterday was a great day to go for a family bike ride.  The weather was dry and mild which equals perfect!  Our littlest one is 8 and well capable of keeping up with the rest of us.  We decided to visit our neighboring village, which is called Tallanstown.   It was a beautiful and easy 10 minute bike ride.  It was fair day in Tallanstown, with lots of people, music, animals, and different fair attractions.  We enjoyed walking around, seeing the sights, and catching up with friends.  I confess that I didn’t take pictures of the fair (just my kids!).  I think the history and beauty of the village are more interesting.  I had taken some sunny day pictures of the park previously, and today I went back and captured some of the historical side of the village.  It was raining while I took my photos today. Bucketing rain.  But I had this blog post in my head, and that was that!

I enjoyed learning about Vere Foster (1819-1900), a man of wealth with ties to Tallanstown, who lived his life helping others less fortunate than himself.  The statue is fitting, displaying books, since his efforts brought about great change in the Irish education system. He did this to improve emigrants chances of success in America.

The park in Tallanstown is a lovely, peaceful place.  It has pretty paths with so many different plants and trees.  I loved all of the different textures, and sizes of plants (that’s what I go for!).  It is very well maintained.  They are currently putting in a new herb garden.

It came as no surprise when Tallanstown won the national Tidy Towns competition in 2010. The village is pristine and beautified with flowers, lots and lots of flowers!  There is a great deal of pride in the community, and it shows.

We really enjoyed our afternoon out and about.  We arrived home just as the rain started.  Great timing!

I am still figuring out the best way for me to display photos in my blog.  I’m trying a different way today. The pictures are small, but if you click on them it’ll open up a slide show.   Please feel free to let me know what you think!  Is it better to have less photos (I put more in today, to try this out!) enlarged in the blog? or more in a slide show?  Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Enjoy this little tour of our neighboring village!