Wordless Wednesday – Wildlife Wednesday: Butterflies

the outside is white and orange

the outside is white and orange (Orange-Tip Anthocharis cardamines)

It is Wednesday already!  How time flies!  Speaking of flying … the butterfly in the picture above spent ages flying around my front yard, with me following.  There were so many plants it could have landed on, yet it continued to flitter and flutter about, with me following behind!  Eventually it did land and click away with my camera did I.  It is perched on a dead daffodil, but at least the sunlight was lovely. Pity I couldn’t get a picture of the outside of the wings as they were a pretty white and orange.  That is what caught my eye in the first place. I haven’t seen one of these in my yard before.

Just two butterflies...

Just two butterflies …  (Green-veined White [Pieris napi])

Hmm,  I never saw two butterflies like this before.  Let’s just leave it at that…


Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly

This lovely peacock butterfly was not in my garden, but in the Bay Garden in Wexford.  I haven’t seen one in my garden just yet this season, but I usually do over the course of the summer.

Just a quick, “wordless” post tonight!  I hope you all are well and enjoying some nice spring weather!

In peace,