Springtime bouquets for Six on Saturday

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. For those who are new here, I like to create things with my hands – things like flower arrangements, wreaths, lavender wands (not to mention crocheting). I have had so much fun creating bouquets from what is growing in the garden, especially as my garden matures and there is more to play with. My kitchen table has had a bunch of different arrangements this spring, and hopefully there will be more as the season continues. It definitely motivates me to have plants that work together, color wise. Today I’ll be joining The Propagator for his Six on Saturday meme. You can click the link and see some other participating, and beautiful, gardens, if you like.

I so appreciate you stopping by! I hope you enjoy your visit. 🙂

In Peace,

Bartzella Itoh peony arrangement with allium and Siberian iris
yellow peony arrangement inside

1 – Sunshine bouquet (yellow peony flower arrangement). It was somewhat difficult to really capture the look of this arrangement, as the huge Bartzella peony grabs all of the attention. This is an Itoh peony, which is a hybrid between a tree peony and an herbaceous one. This particular shrub had lots of buds on it, so I was happy to use five flowers for this arrangement. The big open one actually opened up a couple days before, so it had a ‘head start’ on the others. It is quite big (bigger than my open hand). To the arrangement I added allium, Siberian iris, some forget me nots, lamb’s ear, and a couple of pieces of ornamental grass. I was really happy with it, especially since I made it on a whim, during my morning walk-about the garden!

vase of flowers with roses, allium, anemone and forget me nots

2 – Small jug of flowers. This small arrangement was made for the kitchen table for a special dinner with family. I especially liked that it was fragrant from the Eustacia Vye David Austin roses and branches from a lilac shrub (Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’). I also added allium, forget me nots, and anemone. It was super easy and quick to throw together, and wasn’t too distracting to have on the dinner table.

bouquet of Dutch iris, peony, roses and a single white calla lily

3 – Tabletop Dutch iris work bouquet. I had this on my desk because the scent from the peony and roses was so lovely! Also included is a single white calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily). This is the first time this plant is flowering for me since I planted it in 2018. This is the third time I’ve moved it, and I think this time it is finally happy.

Purple Sensation allium

4 – Allium. These next three flowers go together, and you can see them in these pictures. I’ll start with the Purple Sensation Allium. Now I have to say that the coloring is definitely Purple Sensation, but the very large heads, with the stems spread far apart, are not. At least none of the other Purple Sensation allium that I’ve purchased over the years are like this. I still like them, they just aren’t what I was expecting. This color matches the bearded iris in the background, and also the other allium across the yard. I like the big impact they give with the mass planting. This bed will continue to have flowers after the allium are finished. There are poppies coming up all around them, and I have agapanthus that will hopefully flower later in the summer (new to this bed). Also newly planted here our some Helenium plants. Under the cherry tree you’ll find three strong Annabelle hydrangeas, which should bloom later in the summer.

lupin and bearded iris

5 – Lupine / lupin. The color on these spires sure isn’t dull! It is quite a happy, bright pink color and a large, sturdy, and easy to care for plant. It is a stand alone show stopper, if you ask me. The bearded iris used to be in this bed and I had to move them because I didn’t like the clash in colors. I think there is enough distance between them now, though, that they look nice as neighbors. This bed also has a couple of small peony plants, a paniculata hydrangea, lavender, bergenia and pittosporum (Tom thumb).

bearded iris Benton Storrington

6 – Bearded iris Benton Storrington. These are the happiest flowers in my garden. They have multiplied many times over! They are a plum color, which is very similar to the Purple Sensation allium. This bed is only a couple of years old, and has something for every season. Hellebores start off the year, then hyacinth in early spring, followed by bearded iris, and then black eyed Susans with Persicaria blackfield (red spire flowers) for summer / fall. I love the white birch no matter what is growing around them.

And that is the end of today’s tour! What was your favorite part? Mine is the Sunshine bouquet! 🙂

Weeding … and new blooms in the garden!

Weeding, it’s like housework, it just has to be done!  I confess to much preferring being outdoors and weeding to being inside doing housework, though.  Today I had the privilege of listening to my kids play on the trampoline with their friends while I was pulling weeds.  Lots and lots of weeds.  Funny how the kids never want to pull weeds with me.  We could make a game of it; something like “let’s see who can pull the most weeds!”.  I’ll have to give that one a try tomorrow…

I’ve mentioned that our garden is in a constant state of change as we grow it, learn, and figure out how we want it to look eventually.  The area of our “fruit orchard”, I just have to put that in quotes since the area is so small we call it that affectionately, is not the shape we want it just yet.  We discovered this year that we’ve planted too close to the fence, so we’ll have to bring that area back a tiny bit.  That lovely black carpeting (read: ugly)  is where we’ll have stone paths eventually.  We planted more asparagus this year, so that space was expanded.  We’re planning on two rows of peas for next year, too, since they are growing so nicely.  When we get the shape and size finally right, we’re planning on enclosing the area.  I really want a small white picket fence.  Can you just see the pretty pink climbing roses along the fence with white hydrangea?  I’m sure I’ve pinned something like that from pinterest!

Back to reality, and our current garden!  The first of my Dutch Iris is blooming, and I think it is so pretty. The first of my roses has also finally bloomed.  The sunlight this evening captured it so brilliantly.   The mess in the middle of my front yard is my next garden project.  I have to kill the grass (with newspapers & cardboard). I’ve also put the sod which was dug up from other places in the yard there, to incorporate it into the new garden.  There’s no point in wasting perfectly good sod!  I’m glad my husband is a patient man, and doesn’t mind the mess involved with killing the grass the slow way.  Good things come to those who wait 🙂

I hope you don’t have too long to wait for blooms in your garden!

The above picture  is the “before weeding” look of the fence line.

Now you can actually see the hedge!

A look at the “orchard” at sunset.

I thought the peas looked so pretty!

I am looking forward to eating our zucchini!

O.K. that’s a lot of pictures for one Dutch Iris … but it feels like I waited forever for it to bloom!

Finally! Roses in my rose garden!

I discovered these in my garden … I think they were given to me, and this is their first year blooming!

We grew a bunch of Calendula flowers from seeds and they are just now showing us how pretty they are!

This is as close as I’m going to take a picture of the big mess in the front yard!  At least the sunset is pretty 🙂