In a Vase on Monday: Pink, White & Blue

Delphinium, shasta daisy, Dusty Miller Lychnis Coronaria

Delphinium ‘cobalt dreams’, shasta daisy, Dusty Miller Lychnis Coronaria

Just recently I found myself looking through my past blog posts.  My husband and I had a discussion and he felt I’d strayed away from my original ‘blogging about the garden’ plan since this past year I mainly posted on Mondays for the meme  ‘In a Vase on Monday’. I saw his point in that I certainly need to blog more about what is going on in the garden.  But I loved looking through what flowers I was able to create arrangements with during the different months.

close-up of that pretty blue!

close-up of that pretty blue!

So I will continue to join Cathy on Mondays at Rambling in the Garden   for her ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme, and I will set a goal of having at least one other post per week. Start out small and go from there! 🙂

our pewter water goblet

Our pewter water goblet. Can you see the picture of the ‘stamping of the grapes’?

This week my delphinium ‘cobalt dreams’ had one stem that was broken.  I bought three of these plants just this past month and they are doing so well.  They are quite showy! I think the blue and white are lovely. So I was happy enough to use the broken stem.

dusty miller

Dusty Miller Lychnis Coronaria

The dusty miller Lychnis Coronaria is just going crazy in my garden this year! It has taken over half its bed.  All of this is from one small plant two years ago! I will have to move some (a lot?) of it to another location where it an spread without getting in the way of other plants.

Daisies and Delphinium

Daisies and Delphinium

The above picture shows my blue delphiniums and my not yet blooming shasta daisies (to the right of the delphiniums)!  That was taken late last week and they only started to bloom yesterday! They were divided early this spring, so they’ll be in two places along the ditch-wall garden.

a very 'red, white and blue' look

a very ‘red, white and blue’ look

A rather simple arrangement, with an almost red, white & blue hue!  Maybe you’ll join the meme?  Or at least visit to have a look-see at what others have created? I hope you will.

Happy summer!