Merry Christmas to one and all!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas time. It is fun to transform our home with so many Christmas decorations (too many, perhaps?). I also do a lot of baking of Christmas cookies. I give most of them away to those dear to us, although I must say we have more than our share left over. It’s also a time I enjoy creating wreaths and table arrangements. This year I was able to do that with greens collected from our own yard, which is such a bonus! And don’t forget Christmas music. I honestly wait to start listening to Christmas music until two weeks before Christmas. I think it is worth waiting, so as not to get my fill too soon! But best of all, Christmas is when family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and to wish each other well for the year ahead. We are all filled with love and excitement (especially if there are littles about)! For those of us who are spiritual, we keep Jesus as the focus (or we do our best to). It is truly a celebration of love.

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season filled with love! I hope you all are safe and well and able to be with friends and family, either face to face or through Facetime or Zoom. May the magic of Christmas be with you!

In Peace,

Outdoor Christmas wreath with red ribbon
images from creating a Christmas wreath

This is a large wreath I made to hang outside our house. The wrought iron frame was made for me by a good friend, and it is just perfect! The big white snowflakes are decorations that I never used inside, but look really nice on the wreath. There is a definite musical theme, too. 🙂

Christmas decorations of snowmen and santas and Christmas trees

Who doesn’t like collecting Snowmen and Santas? I’ve noticed that I also have quite a few small Christmas trees. The one on top, with small red bells was one I crocheted a few years ago. It might be time for a new crochet Christmas project!

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

I probably don’t need to add that I like quirky. But I do! It is great that I have enough ‘stuff’ to arrange things differently every year. I like to mix things up a bit, and make the kids go looking for their favorite items, instead of knowing where they’ll be.

table arrangement of greens

Sometimes, it gets a little chaotic. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. But creating wreaths and table arrangements helps to calm me. It is something I love to do!

Christmas tree and decorations

I changed up our tree this year – no red! I chose some antique balls of blueish gray, and gold with silver. They are very special ornaments, so I’m happy to have them out on display.

Dana and cookies and Christmas tree

These are some of the cookies I baked this year. It is my favorite time of year to do marathon baking sessions! I’m grateful that my family enjoys eating them, too.

Thanks so much for joining me this Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve and all is calm

Hi there! Welcome to my blog – and I might even welcome myself back at this stage, since it’s been a while since I’ve written! I’ve just not been in the frame of mind to write. Sometimes I just have to roll with that. It’s nothing new to any of us this year, but I’m feeling the strangeness of 2020 even more now. I’m just accepting that and trying to move on. Let’s talk about Christmas, shall we?

I’ve probably spent more time on social media this year than ever before (anyone else?). I’ve seen some new Christmas trends of really loading up the Christmas tree! Some designers really do a fantastically creative job. But my one take away, especially this year, is that the perfect Christmas looks exactly as you want it to. Anything goes. There is no right way and no wrong way to decorate for Christmas. Wouldn’t it be terribly boring if we all decorated the same way? I prefer that we all do it a bit differently.

Of course, Christmas is not about the decorations. It means different things to different people. Whether you celebrate the birth of Jesus, or you celebrate Santa (or both, or neither), it should be a time of joy and thanksgiving, celebrated with your family. The tremendous loss of life, the inability to be with loved ones, and the loss of livelihood for so many during this pandemic is never far from my mind. This makes our Christmas celebration somewhat somber this year. But still, our family will come together and give thanks as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I wish all those who celebrate, a Merry Christmas! May you find peace and joy with those you love. Stay safe.

In Peace,

Blue sky playhouse and garden
This was one of those perfectly sunny, blue sky mornings after a heavy frost.
Pink sunset December 23
December’s beautiful sunrises have been matched by the most magical sunsets.
4 chickens with the morning sunlight
Here are my girls (Rose, Daisy, Iris and Sweet Pea) on a frosty morning as the sun slowly rises.
Hand made Christmas wreath with purple flowers
I made this wreath earlier this month. The greenery and the dried purple statice flowers are all from my garden. It was an easy and fun project!
garlic growing up through frosty soil
My garlic is pushing through! Frost is good for it (they say it gives it better flavor). It is always fun to have something growing in the garden!
Christmas ornaments
A few of my favorite ornaments: I’ve had the handpainted egg for years and it is so special to me. The candles, as you can see, have never been lit. We bought them when we lived in Zurich, Switzerland. I like how they look on the tree, especially with our red bows. We also have several Holy Family ornaments.
Christmas ornaments
Some more of my favorite ornaments: The other side of the hand painted egg! The real cotton angel was given to me by a very special friend. We’ve been friends since we were 11! Can you see the ribbon in the background? I like how the design incorporates a winding tree that is covered with shiny red berries.
Christmas tree lit
It isn’t big, but it is perfect for us!
Lindt chocolates advent calendar
Some of the goodies from our Lindt Advent Calendar.
Crochet Christmas tree
I crocheted this Christmas tree a few years ago. I then sewed the little beads on (they look like snow, right?). I finished it off by stringing and knotting the bells onto thread. I apparently had lots of extra time that year… It sure is one of a kind!
the family
We’ve had some lovely family time! Here we are in Carlingford after a walk.
Carlingford near greenway
Gorgeous views along our walk in Carlingford.
Abies Koreana with Christmas balls
This is our real live outdoor Christmas tree – an Abies Koreana which we’ve decorated with lights and large silver Christmas balls.
Chicken coop frosty sunny morning
This is one of my favorite morning views!
Frosty playhouse scene
Who doesn’t love a blue sky?
Mom in the Garden selfie
This was the day of my work Christmas Zoom party. We actually had a lot of fun! I’m wearing the required Christmas jumper 🙂 This is a very subtle update on my ‘no hair color since March’ look. On the left is indoor lighting, on the right is natural lighting (albeit in my car).

And that’s a wrap! Merry Christmas! Blessings to you!