Springtime garden bliss

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m sitting at my desk at the end of a weekend where I spent more time being in the garden than I did in the house – and what a great experience that is! While the weather is still not exceptionally warm (it was around 13°C / 55°F), the sun was shinning for most of the weekend. There is no doubt that sunny days lift my mood, and when I’m able to get into the garden, it is euphoric!

What’s going on in the garden in April? Well, I’m mainly taking care of my new trees, the plants which we moved in March, as well as the new plantings. We haven’t had a lot of rain, so it was a big enough job making sure everyone had enough water this weekend. The first year of planting trees is pretty important, after that their roots will hopefully be deep enough so that it isn’t as big a deal if we miss some rain. I also added more compost around the birch trees to help keep the moisture in and to feed the soil. We will need to move our compost ‘heap’ this season and I want to use up as much of the ‘good stuff’ as possible before we set up the new spot. The new spot has not yet been determined, unfortunately. All in good time (says she, hopefully). 🙂

The strawberry plants have settled in perfectly. They are hardy, to say the least. The blueberry shrubs also seems to be happy enough in their new homes. The raspberries, on the other hand, are giving me trouble. Some of them are wilting. Perhaps it was from the frost we had after they were planted? But then why aren’t they all wilting? We’ll see. Again, I’m still hopeful!

The vegetable plants that I started from seed are now growing a little too fast. I’ve started to acclimatize some of them, setting them outside during the day. If all goes well weather wise, I’m hoping to get some of them planted the beginning half of May. My little flower seedlings aren’t growing at as fast a pace. I’ve moved them to the south facing part of the house and I can already see an improvement. I have no choice but to be hopeful!

The tulips are in full bloom. The early varieties have already started to fade. This has me planning on what I can add to which bed for next year. But for now, there are so many signs of what’s still to come, I don’t think we’ll be stuck for color any time soon!

We’ve observed so many birds resting in the new trees now. There is a noticeable increase in avian visitors, which is delightful to see. It is just a joy to see and hear them. If you follow me on Instagram, you can often hear them in the background of my stories.

I hope you are enjoying your weather, wherever you are in the world! I also hope that you, too, have much to be hopeful for.

In Peace,

Veggie beds April 24

There isn’t too much progress on the new beds. The raspberries in front are challenging me, while the blueberries and strawberries seem to be doing fine. The pear tree is flowering, too, with pretty white blossoms.

Aurthur Turner (cooking) apple

The blooms on the Arthur Turner (cooking) apple tree are a very pretty deep pink before they open to a lighter pink. The tree is covered in blooms.

eating apple tree

This apple tree will have red apples that are classified as ‘eating’ apples (not cooking). The blossoms are a light pink when closed and a pale pink when opened. The tree is quite a sight as it is completely covered in flowers!

different varieties of tulips

April was all about Tulips! We enjoyed a lovely display, mostly due to the fact that we hadn’t had any major storms, which would usually batter the tulips. So thankful for the calm! (Top right: Queen of the Night, bottom right: Pretty Princess)

an inside view of tulips
all pink tulips
orange and yellow tulips
fringed tulipa Honeymoon

This white tulip is a new variety this year, although I have had similar before. It is called Tulipa Honeymoon and is pure white with a fringed edging. It is very pretty. I thought Kitty looked sweet sunning herself in the evening sunlight between some of the tulips.

seeds started in pots

Our hallway is becoming quite full! I can’t wait until we can plant out everything in the garden! I did buy some fleece, just in case we get frost *after* I plant them out. The picture on the left shows the plants which are further along (outside).

birch trees

I spent a lot of time with the birch trees this weekend!

Rose bed April 25

I think the ‘Rose bed’ looks so pretty at the moment, with the aubrietia (in front), purple anemone, pink and deep purple tulips and the rose bushes starting to fill out with leaves. Oh, and that blue sky sure helps!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care! 🙂

Today is brought to you by the letter ‘T’ – for Tulips and Together

Double late Mount Tacoma tulip

Double late Mount Tacoma tulip

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, where I’ll chat about just about anything, but I will always have pictures of flowers. I hope you are keeping well during this pandemic. Life is really crazy, isn’t it? For some, it is mostly an inconvenience to have to stay home. But for so many, it is much, much more. For that reason, I struggled for a long time about blogging. I don’t want to make light of a situation which is quite dire for so many. But I’ve also discovered that it is really important for us to have our breaks away from ‘everything Covid-19’. I’m also sure, if we conducted a study which measured people’s feelings after showing them pictures of flowers, that there would be a huge improvement in their mood. Don’t you think so, too? So it is a public service that I’m offering to lift spirits! 🙂

Did you notice my little nod to the children’s program ‘Sesame Street’ with my title? It always makes me smile when I hear references to sweet things from my childhood. I hope it made you smile! (Apologies if you haven’t seen Sesame Street, making my title a bit strange indeed.) The main star in the garden right now are my tulips. We’ve been so fortunate to have had such a mild and sunny April. Sometimes the tulips really get a beating with the wind and rain – but not this year. So I’ve managed to get a few (hundred?!) pictures. Of course, there are many sides to a flower – when it is sunny they open right up, first thing in the morning they are closed, and then there is the ‘in between’ phase. I don’t have a favorite, as I think every phase is beautiful. Please do enjoy the pictures I’ve put together for you.

Take care! Remember, we are in this together.

In Peace,

Pretty Princess upclose

inside the Pretty Princess tulip

Pretty Princess group of tulips

Pretty Princess tulips are a bright, happy pink color!

Pretty Princess tulips facing sun

Pretty Princess tulips facing the sun, which shows the different shades of the colors

The bright, cheerful colors of the Pretty Princess tulips are balanced in the same flower bed with the darker color of the Queen of the night tulips. The Queen of the night tulips are a deep purple, and are not a typical color that I would gravitate to – but I LOVE the color!

Queen of the night upclose

inside the Queen of the night tulip

Queen of the night group April 2020

Queen of the night tulips

Queen of the night through sunlight

Queen of the night tulips are a rich, deep purple color

Orange is also a color that I wouldn’t usually pick for flowers. But these Ballerina tulips are one of my favorite varieties! I like the subtlety of the different colors, and their beautiful shape. Boy, do they shout for attention, too – no matter where they are in the yard!

Ballerina tulip fully open

A very sunny day for the Ballerina tulip to open fully

Ballerina tulip slightly open

Ballerina tulip slightly opened

Ballerina tulip single no sun

a single Ballerina tulip – this is my favorite picture of this flower

The Fringed tulip Swan wings is a pure white variety with spiky edging. It is stunning.  Unfortunately, this is the only one left of the ten I planted a number of years ago. It is tucked behind a small group of creamy white tulips called Spring Green.

Fringed tulip swan wings

the inside of Fringed tulip Swan wings

Fringed tulip swan wings side and inside

Fringed tulip Swan wings

Tulips Spring Green and Swan Wings

the inside of Spring Green tulips and the single Swan Wings tulip

Tulip Spring Green

Tulip Spring Green

Tulip Spring Green closed

a mostly closed Tulip Spring Green

There is a strong pink theme throughout my garden. All shades of pink! This Merlot tulip has found its way into two of my flower beds, as I love the color.

Tulip Merlot center

inside Tulip Merlot

Merlot slightly open

Merlot tulip slightly open

Merlot closed

Merlot tulip closed

pink and white tulip

this one always reminds me of cotton candy!

pink and white tulip and anemone

the anemone are still blooming throughout the garden

tulip and anemone

a single tulip surrounded by anemone Mr. Fokker

The Parrot tulip is so unusual, but has always been one I have liked. No surprise that it is pink!

Parrot tulip

inside the pink Parrot tulip

Parrot tulip single no sun

a single, closed pink Parrot tulip

That’s it from me! I hope you enjoyed yourself! 🙂

picture of mom in the garden April 2020

I’m sending you best wishes, all bundled up warm in my garden! I hope I’ve made you smile!

Easter Blessings! and perfect weather for tulips.

Ballerina Tulips

Ballerina Tulips

“Happy Easter!”  says she who is going to pop back into blog land with no fan-fare or hoopla, but a simple blog post filled with pictures of my tulips. 🙂  I’ve missed posting,  and visiting blogs and all that goes on in the virtual world.  I had a wee break, but I’m back now. I have so much to show you from my garden and travels!

Ballerina Tulips

Ballerina Tulips

I’ve gone a little crazy with pictures of my tulips this year.  We live in an exposed area that is surrounded by fields on three sides. There is always wind, even on a calm day!  So normally my tulips, actually all of my flowers, get quite a beating.  It is rather unusual to see all of my tulips standing and their blooms intact!

Ballerina Tulips

Ballerina Tulips

We were in London this past week for the Irish Dancing World Championships (yay for my kids’ teams placing first and third!!!). Ahem, trying to stay focused here after a very fun filled Irish dancing week…  During our time away, the tulips not only came up but filled out perfectly.  The weather here must have been as nice as it was in London!

Ballerina Tulips & (rather dry) fields

Ballerina Tulips & (rather dry) fields

I love tulips. 🙂  O.K., I love all flowers.

Innuendo Tulips

Innuendo Tulips

These Innuendo tulips are supposed to be a more solid pink color on the inside, and white on the outside.  I only know what they are because I marked it in my book, because they sure don’t look like the picture on the bulb bag!    I think they are lovely all the same.

Innuendo Tulips

Innuendo Tulips

Group shots of all of the tulips are harder to get just right. I prefer the individual close-ups.  But because all of them were still standing and looking so darn good I had to capture them all!

Innuendo Tulips

Innuendo Tulips

Blueberry Ripple Tulips

Blueberry Ripple Tulips

Blueberry Ripple Tulips – isn’t that the best name?  Again with these tulips the color is not a match for the lovely picture on the bulb bag – mine are more burgundy-ish instead of true purple.  I’m O.K. with that.

Tulips group photo (in the rose garden)

Tulips group photo (in the rose garden)

If I were to be critical of this garden, I would have to say that color cohesion is lacking.  My problem is that I love all o the different colors and styles of tulips!  I would like to try and bring in a deep pink color throughout this garden instead of in a group.  I’ll be thinking about that until the fall!

Deep pink tulips

Deep pink tulips

Deep pink/purple like these tulips!  That would also tie the two gardens together.  Oh the possibilities…

Deep pink tulips with Mr. Fokker Anemone

Deep pink tulips with Mr. Fokker Anemone

We moved into our house four years ago.  My husband bought these tulips for me on a trip to Holland shortly after we moved in.  They were one of the  first bulbs we planted.  I love little thoughtful things like that.  He even picked pink for me!    The Erysimum bowles’s mauve in the back on the right goes really well with them too, don’t you think?  Mr. Fokker Anemone are probably going to be the one plant throughout my entire yard because it is just so easy and pretty!

Two front gardens

Two front gardens

Here’s a look at the two front gardens with all of the tulips.  I still can’t believe how well all of the tulips have done this season!

mystery tulip

mystery tulip

This last tulip is blooming where I planted Double Late Mount Tacoma tulips, but it certainly doesn’t look like that variety.  I’ll have to see as it comes into full bloom.

Dorothy Clive Gardens, England

Dorothy Clive Gardens, England

This last picture is from a garden we visited while en-route to London last week.  The Dorothy Clive Gardens were simply lovely, and well worth a visit.  I will definitely share the tons of pictures I took there in another post!

Happy Easter to my friends and family and fellow bloggers!  Here is to new beginnings!