Because we are all worth it!

I am usually a frugal gal. Well, I will admit that being frugal most of the time allows me to splash out when the occasion arrises.  I have no problem splashing out on certain things.  It all just depends on the situation.  Last year, I came across this vintage purse and it stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “this is beautiful!”.  As my older daughter’s favorite color is purple, I thought it would be something nice for her to have for really special occasions (her Debs this year, maybe? or a wedding?…). This would be one of those cases where I thought  “it is worth it”!  So under the Christmas tree it went.

a bag created by Cathy White using a vintage handle

It is a vintage bag created by Cathy White. I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy and speaking with her about how she makes the bags. The detail and care that goes into her work is simply amazing.  You can go and see more of Cathy White’s bags here.  While waiting for that special occasion, my daughter has the purse hanging on her bedroom wall with all of her “special memory” items.  It is gorgeous even hanging on a wall!

amazingly detailed

Fast forward to this year, and my other daughter’s Irish dancing school is planning to host a “World’s Ball” to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of their school at the World Championships of Irish dancing (most notably a new World Champion in the boys U16 category!). It is going to be a Black-tie affair.  Time to pull out all of the stops!

In my possession, for the past number of years, is a dress my mother gave to me which she wore when she was much younger.  I have been waiting patiently for the right occasion to wear this beautiful, green velvet, full length dress.  My mother is a bit taller than me, so I had to wear high heels, but otherwise it was a perfect fit!  It looked amazing!

My daughter and I at the ball

O.K., so I had the dress, shoes, and bag, but I still needed a shawl.  It was time to get cracking, as of course, I had too many projects going on at the same time.  I haven’t made anything like this before, and I couldn’t find any patterns on-line that were what I wanted. So it was a matter of trial and error.  Lots of error.  🙂

piece by piece it comes together

Crocheting the squares was the easy part.  Crocheting the squares *together* was the tough part.  I call this shawl bespoke because it is a one of a kind (mainly because I’m sure I can’t duplicate it)!

crocheting the squares together was rather tricky

The next process was “blocking” the squares, or in my case, the entire shawl.  This involves wetting it down and pinning it in place to dry.  It helps to keep the shape.  This really does work, especially with this project as it was quite floppy otherwise!

sequins for a bit of sparkle (this pic was taken during “blocking”)

I also added sequins to all of the blue flowers, because sleep wasn’t really necessary at this point.  My family thought I was mad.  But when I was finished, they “got it” and agreed that the sequins added a very fun, sparkly touch!

A vintage purse to match a vintage dress,  on a vintage gal!

Ta-da! Finished! Everything was so worth the effort.  The dress was beautiful (and can I say that it was really comfortable, too?!). The hairdressers completely transformed me. It is still a mystery to me how they do that.  My daughter, the shawl, the bag, everything was just lovely.  We had such a wonderful time at her ball. It was a very special night for us.

worth the effort

The simple message here is that we are all worth it. Splurge on that something special, don’t wait to use those special soaps, creams, candles; use them now! Buy the pretty purse, or dress, or the fancy yarn!

Live life. Be present. Be kind.

Because we are all worth it.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

In peace,

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