In a Vase on Monday: Daffodil beauties

Narcissi Blazing Starlet

Narcissi Blazing Starlet

In all of Ireland, it feels like the flowers in our yard are the very last to bloom!  I still have plenty of daffodils that haven’t even thought about blooming yet.  But for today’s post of “In a Vase on Monday” I do have enough daffodils for a lovely bouquet of several different varieties (small prayer answered!).

A rather triangle of a shape, don't you think?

Not quite opened … A rather triangle of a shape, don’t you think?

We’ve lived in our house for almost five years, and it has taken me all of that time to plant enough daffodils to be able to have a substantial bouquet!  I was a bit finicky about where to plant them, what kind to plant, and how many to plant.  I should have just gone with “everywhere, all kinds, and lots of ’em”!

Side views of Ice King and Blazing Starlet

Side views of Ice King and Blazing Starlet

I’m happy with the few different varieties that I have now.  The Ice King is by far my favourite.

the Ice King variety looks like a carnation

the Ice King variety looks like a carnation


up close

a very simple yellow and white variety up close



bouquet of yellows and creams

I caught the very tail end of the sun on the day that I cut the flowers.  I hadn’t paid close enough attention to the weather (read: I was deep cleaning the house because Easter is nearly here and God forbid anyone saw the state of what our house usually looks like!).  So I desperately tried to find rays of sunshine through the window the following day.  Unfortunately not only was the sun in short supply, the wind was too strong to photograph flowers in.

a hue more on the white side

a hue more on the white side

But alas, eventually I found an opportunity to give it a lash.  I kept the flowers low to the ground in a protected spot.  The last thing I wanted was to have my vase fall over and break!

A hue more on the yellow side

a hue more on the yellow side

The sun sure does make a difference!

Daffodil bouquet in the garden

Daffodil bouquet in the garden




See that poor little ugly duckling candle?  That is my only Easter decoration out so far! I came across him while I was cleaning … which prompted me to ask my son to bring the boxes of our actual decorations out of the attic for me.

could win an award for ugliest candle...

could win an award for ugliest candle…

He was kind enough to oblige me.  Now I just need to get my act together and get those lovely spring items out (and quick!).

on the kitchen table

on the kitchen table

But for now we just have our cheerful daffodils (and the ugly duckling candle).


on the kitchen counter

on the kitchen counter

Have you grown any different varieties of daffodils that you especially like? Please do share!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my “In a Vase on Monday” post.  You will find other lovely arrangements linked to Cathy’s Rambling in the Garden blog  as she hosts this fun meme to see what everyone has in their gardens all throughout the year.  Maybe you’d like to join in?  Please do!

Happy Spring!

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Daffodil beauties

  1. I won’t have daffs until late April now as we are mostly snow covered and cold still….but I have hundreds and they are “everywhere, all kinds, and lots of ‘em” as you say. So I don’t know any names anymore. But I have lots that bloom for at least 2 months…some are early, some are late. All are gorgeous.

    I adore your cheery vase…gorgeous vessel and it works perfectly with the yellow flowers…

  2. I have been in my garden for 5 years too, but fortunately previous owners had planted quite a few daffodils. I have been adding to them in increasing numbers as the years go by – each spring I realise that I need many more to create a significant impact. I think my favourite is white cheerfulness, although I do love the later flowering thalia as well. I have noticed the Ice King in a few vases this year and will be adding it to my summer bulb order. I have been rooting out my easter decorations over the last couple of days too! I love your vase of daffodils – perfect for easter and the vase is stunning.

  3. That Ice King is really special Dana – they all look so lovely mixed together. Love the blue and white vase too. I don’t have nearly enough daffodils and hesitate at cutting just a few, so I will have to remedy that and do some serious planting this autumn! Happy Spring!

  4. But why isn’t your candle still sitting next to your vase on the windowsill, Dana…?! He’s part of the arrangement, surely?! That Ice King really is a handsome fellow – and I realise when seeing your beauties that somehow a vase of mixed daffodils is even prettier than a single variety, or so it seems anyway. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your Easter.

  5. Let the sunshine in!!! Gorgeous. We used to have lots of daffs on our land in Mayo. They started in January and helped us through the never ending winter. Enjoy them 🙂

  6. Our daffodils have just started to bloom too and I regret not planting more last autumn. I think you can’t have too many spring bulbs – they are so cheering. And yours are simply stunning. All those lovely varieties look wonderful together in your charming blue/white vase. Blue and yellow are the colour of spring for me 🙂

  7. Wow – your daffodils are beautiful! I only just started planting some in my garden last fall and have had enough to add here and there to some arrangements, but not yet enough to have a whole bouquet of them – so lovely! Not to mention the beautiful contrast of the yellow against the blue of your vase/mug/stein. I love it!

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you! I have to say that it took a few years to get this many daffodils. We’re in the house 5 years now, and every year I’ve planted a few more! So worth it, as I never liked cutting them before since then I couldn’t enjoy them in the yard. Now I can have both 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Dana

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