In a Vase on Monday: In like a Lion and out like a Lamb

Lion Lamb Spring Bouquet

A Lion & a Lamb & a Spring Bouquet

Are you smiling?  I hope so!  I had a little fun with this “In a Vase on Monday” post.  I came across these cute puppets last week when I was deep cleaning our playroom (read: went through all of the toys to get rid of what wasn’t played with anymore).  I’m hopeless though, and only a few things were actually taken away.  Items like these cute puppets were just squished into higher-up cabinets to have on hand for little visitors. (Did ya like that pun?)  Somehow, thankfully, the room did end up tidied and I found some props for my post!

full view

full view

I really can’t believe it is nearing the end of March.  The weather was true to the expression: it was crazy at the beginning of the month and it has thankfully calmed down (enough to garden at least!).

Daffodil season in full swing

Daffodil season in full swing (Ice King & Tresamble). These large daffodils have since turned a creamy white. the Ice King variety resembles a carnation.

We have collected quite a few different varieties of daffodils over the past few years and I am really liking all of them!

different varieties of daffodils

The small daffodils (Velocity) I bought from Mr. Middleton’s Garden Shop in Dublin. The  catalogue describes them perfectly: early dwarf daffodil with deep yellow strongly reflexed petals and an orange red corona.  So true!

pink anemone

pink anemone: Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’

I have only one pink anemone, but I thought it was stunning so I had to add it. It is my favourite colour of pink!  Just one little bloom for the vase. This little guy is planted in a container. He did really well last year, and I’m delighted to see flowers again this year.  I’ve read that the anemone will do better after several years. Lovely news!

Paperwhites were forced inside (and the family don't enjoy their scent!)

Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) were forced inside (and my family do not enjoy their scent!)

stacking the flowers on top of each other

stacking the flowers on top of each other

We have been so lucky to have good weather on the weekends.  I have so enjoyed working in the garden!  The sunny days help to inspire creating an arrangement.

Anemones blooming all winter long

Anemones blooming all winter long

I was rather surprised to have enough for an arrangement.  If you looked at the yard you’d wonder where the flowers came from, they are spread all around, not really making an impact just yet (except for the purple anemones as they have been making an impact all winter.)

Anemone clump

Anemone clump

Anemone beauty on a frosty morning

Anemone beauty on a frosty morning

The Mr Fokker Anemone fade to a light purple as they age.  They start a lovely deep, dark purple.

Belleek vase seemed fitting for March (think St. Patrick's Day)

Belleek vase seemed fitting for March (think St. Patrick’s Day)

I missed quite a few ‘In a Vase on Monday’ postings this winter.  I have to say it is nice to be back at it again.  I hope you will also join us!  Cathy at Rambling in the Garden  hosts this fun (read: addictive) meme. You will see some lovely arrangements when you stop by!

Happy Spring!

my favourite picture of the group

my favourite picture of the group

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: In like a Lion and out like a Lamb

  1. Oh Dana I spotted that vase right away…it is a real beauty…and the flowers you chose are an eclectic mix to bring great cheer from your March garden….no spring here…just cold and snow so no March blooms. And it looks like March will misbehave more as it came in like a lion and is predicted to go out as such too.

    • Keep thinking spring Donna! I know, I was talking to family at home this weekend and it is still snowing there. Hopefully it is at least sunny? Thanks for your kind words. And inside flowers are A.O.K. 🙂

  2. That’s a very well fed looking lion!! What a lovely spring collection you have – and I am sure lots of us will be envious of your anemones – after seeing Christina’s I have planted some here but I believe they are not always successful in the UK (not sure which side of the border you are though!!). Is your pot inside or out? Mine are planted outside and I have some foliage through but I am not overly optimistic – watch this space… Thank you so much for your cheerful and sunny vase today 🙂

    • haha Cathy! I stuffed his belly with a nice big apple! I am in the Republic, and the pink anemone is in a container on my deck. I planted it last year and it flowered right away. The Mr Fokker ones in the garden have also done well. Cathy at Herbs & Words mentioned that she also only has greens (in Germany). Has me wondering… I’ll keep watching your posts! It is my pleasure to take part in your meme Cathy! Xx Dana

  3. My anemones were fading even before the heat struck here so it’s wonderful to see the healthy clump growing in your garden! Of course you needed to add that pink one to your pretty vase. The variety among your daffodils is also impressive.

  4. I love your anemones, especially the purple ones (probably because it is my favorite color). They are so bright, they almost look fake. I haven’t tried them in my Texas garden yet, but I’m thinking I might have to give them a go next year. Oh, and I adore your spring lion and lamb – so cute!

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you! I also love the purple. They were so nice to have in bloom most of the winter. I’d love to know how they do in your Texas garden! I’m terrible at remembering to use props, so I’m glad these worked well. 🙂 Dana

    • Hi Christina, thank you. I agree, it definitely even felt like spring when I gathered the flowers from the garden. I have to say I don’t think they are double Anemones. As far as I know (from what I’ve planted) is they are all Mr Fokker, but some look more feathery than the others! (no idea why, all bought together)… Thanks for visiting!

  5. Happy Spring Dana! Your vase is gorgeous – so colourful and pretty. Just what we need after winter! I planted some of those anemones a few years ago and they have never flowered for me, so maybe there’s hope yet. They send up just leaves. Love the props too! 😉

    • Hi Cathy, Thank you very much. I’m perplexed about your anemone! I’ve killed loads of plants in this soil, but that is one that grows for me. Lucky for you that your garden has so many other gorgeous plants!

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