In a Vase on Monday: Lavender in September for a scented treat

Snapdragon, Lavender, Erysimum bowles, Autumn Joy

Snapdragon, Lavender, Erysimum bowles (mauve), Autumn Joy

Lavender?!  In September?  I have a lot of lavender, and because I love it, I added more new plants last year.  Those new guys were the first that I harvested in July. I like to make lavender sachets, wands, bouquets. There are quite a few things you can do with lavender!  It seems that the plants  had lots of immature stems, which have continued to grow throughout the summer and were just ripe for the cutting for my arrangement!

Lavender in September!

Lavender in September!

Purples, white, and a bit of pink

Purples, white, and a bit of pink

It was such a treat working with the lavender.  I. Love. Lavender. 🙂

Autumn Joy sedum

Autumn Joy sedum

I have one Autumn Joy plant at my front gates, which I wouldn’t normally like cutting from. But this one stem was broken and on the ground. I couldn’t just leave it there!


Autum Joy sedum, tortoise butterfly and bees

Autum Joy sedum, tortoise butterflies and bees

In a Vase on Monday: White & Purples & a wee bit of pink

In a Vase on Monday: White & Purples & a wee bit of pink

The snapdragons were planted from seed for me by my father-in-law.  He can grow anything from seed or cutting, unlike me!  I have some mixed colors and just picked out the white ones.



Pottery Vase from when we were first married

Pottery Vase from when we were first married

In a Vase on Monday...

In a Vase on Monday…

What fun it is to gather flowers from the garden!  Thank you Cathy from Rambling in the Garden!  You can see other arrangements linked to Cathy’s page at:

Have a good week!


18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Lavender in September for a scented treat

  1. I pruned my lavender very late in spring this year and so all the flowers were late too. It did reduce the number of flowers but meant the lavender was tidier than usual. This is a very pretty vase, The snapdragons are lovely lucky you to have such a clever FIL

    • Hi Christina, I usually prune any lavender I haven’t used during the season, in the fall. You are right, it keeps it nice and tidy. I definitely appreciate my father-in-law, especially for all of his gardening talents! Thanks for visiting, and for your lovely comments. Dana

  2. I really enjoyed the photo with the butterflies on the Autumn Joy. A lot of my lavender died last year in our very unusually cold weather, I miss it.

    • Hi Cinnamonchai, maybe you know already, but a very small lavender plant will give quite a lot of blooms even its first season. It would be worth planting some more. Thank you for visiting, and your nice comment. 🙂 Dana

  3. A lovely blend of colours, Dana – and what beautiful lavender with such big flowers. I am a novice with lavender and still learning about the best time to prune 😉

    • Hi Cathy, I would typically cut a lot of my lavender in July to use it. But what I don’t use, I cut/prune in the fall. I make sure not to cut too low. I think I cut about 3/4 of the stem, which should be just above any tiny new growth. It is so fun to work with! 🙂 Dana

    • Hi Donna, Thank you! I was glad to use the lavender, as I wouldn’t typically get to. This was my first year having snapdragons – so happy to have tried them! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Dana

    • Hi Kris, I follow a blogger from Australia and I see everything that she grows “out of season” with ours and it is rather funny. You wouldn’t think it would be so different for us, but then again, California vs. Irish weather… oh yes, I could understand the differences! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! Dana

  4. Oh, that IS lovely Dana. Your lavender is amazing for September! I just have the odd bit here and there flowering still. A gorgeous mix of late summer colour. 🙂

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