The race is on: Green or Orange Pumpkins for Halloween?

(still very green) Pumpkin.

(still very green) Pumpkin.

It’s October 9th and our pumpkins are green.  I think they are quite pretty, in their different shades of green.  But maybe I’m just trying to make the best of the situation; the situation being that pumpkins are supposed to be orange!  Starting to panic a bit, I checked on-line to see if I could help things along.  I’m glad I did!  Since their vines are fine, I’ve left them outside.  I could have cut them and brought them in, though.  What they really want now is sun.  Some of the leaves were in the process of dying back, letting in some sun,  but there were still too many for this late in the season. So I cut back all of their leaves. Perfect timing too, as it is a beautiful sunny morning.  I also have to keep in mind that they should be covered at night if there is frost.

So the race is on …  Will we have orange pumpkins for Halloween?  I’ll be sure to let you know!


Pumpkin Patch mid-season.

Pumpkin Patch mid-season.

Pumpkin patch October 9th.

Pumpkin patch October 9th.  We have just 12 pumpkins in all of those vines!

Speckled Pumpkin.

Speckled Pumpkin.

A lighter shade of green (and some orange?) Pumpkin.

A lighter shade of green (and some orange?) Pumpkin.

My upside down pumpkin.

My upside down pumpkin.

Butternut Squash.

Butternut Squash. This little guy, 4 inches long today, was a bit of a surprise!  We thought those seeds hadn’t taken.

A butternut squash & flower.

A butternut squash & flower.

Fall harvest time in Sheepwalk.

Fall harvest time in Sheepwalk.  Those are some very tall haystacks!

7 thoughts on “The race is on: Green or Orange Pumpkins for Halloween?

  1. There are little flecks of orange to be seen! There’s not a lot of sunshine in Ireland but you never can tell what the next couple of weeks will hold 🙂
    I cheated and bought an orange pumpkin from the greengrocers today… but your green ones are certainly a better achievement. Well done!

    • Thanks PJ Girl! We’ll see what happens. Given that I only had flowers last year, I’m at least making progress! My daughter liked the idea of making a witch’s face with the dark green pumpkin, and we’ll put a black hat on top! hehe 🙂

  2. Hi there, your pumpkins are looking great! I’ve found you can bring them indoors and they continue to ripen and will last well over winter. I’m wondering what variety you are growing as some don’t ripen to orange, but I’d love to know as the ones you have grown look fabulous ! Are they for eating or decorating?

    • Hi Claire, thanks for your compliment. I love the shapes of my pumpkins, and some of them are a nice size, too. As for variety, I had two: “Organic Squash – Jack O ‘Lantern”, and a basic baking pumpkin (I’m sorry, I don’t know that variety). I wanted to make sure the kids had some pumpkins, and that I had some for the kitchen, too! I’m pretty sure the smaller ones which are more up-right are baking. My biggest Jack O’ Lantern is 10 lbs! Thanks for mentioning to bring them in. I have brought them in the house, and placed them in a sunny window… I’m not too sure about this though, they are so green! 🙂

  3. your pumpkin pics make me smile! morbidly obese courgettes would look just like these! hope you get the orange you are looking forward to!

    • Hi Susan! One pumpkin is really and truly nearly all orange! It is so funny to see the transformation. The others, though, are only speckling along a strange coloration! I’d almost prefer all green to the half & half colors … almost!

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