Taking time to smell the roses.

Hybrid Tea Rose "Pink Peace".

Hybrid Tea Rose “Pink Peace”.

That post heading is really for me.  Boy have we been a busy family the past month!  Between school, Irish dancing, swimming, and my coaching we have been on the go non-stop!  It’s a good thing we all love what we’re doing.  Five o’clock wake up calls to swim before school do not come easy if your heart isn’t in it.  It’s been an adjustment for my daughter, but she loves it.  My son has been working really hard on his Irish dancing.  It’s fantastic to watch him dance and see how far he’s come.  As for my swim coaching, I have a super group of kids that really want to work hard and improve.  It doesn’t get any better than that!   In between all of those activities though, I think it’s important to have some down time.  For me, that  is time in the garden, especially taking pictures.

I hope your schedule isn’t too crazy!  and that you have some beautiful roses to smell along the way.


Floribunda Rose "Iceberg".

Floribunda Rose “Iceberg”. These have given a beautiful show all summer!  They are white in bloom, but they have a very light pink appearance in the bud stage.

Floribunda Rose "Iceberg".

Floribunda Rose “Iceberg”.

Floribunda Rose "Burgundy Ice".

Floribunda Rose “Burgundy Ice”.

Rosa Jacques Cartier (1868).

Rosa Jacques Cartier (1868). These are incredibly fragrant!  You don’t even have to get up close to smell them, and it’s a beautiful smell!

Rosa Jacques Cartier (1868).

Rosa Jacques Cartier (1868). I’ve put the fallen roses in a bowl and enjoyed their ever lasting scent in the house.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Taking time to smell the roses.

    • I have to confess, Mobilemom, that I did have to spray them during the season. I would be the last person to use chemicals, so I really did not like doing it. Next year I will be looking into alternatives for blackspot treatment.

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