Poppies and other flowers from the garden.

My poppies have bloomed!  Just like a child, I’ve been checking on them every day, wondering when they’d finally bloom.  The wonders of gardening for me is not knowing if the seeds you planted will take!  They are planted by my ditch rock wall.  I planted way too many seeds!  The upside of that is it crowded out weeds.  The area right next to the poppies is in need of some serious work.  The weeds are super strong. It’s going to be quite the battle!  But for now I can enjoy the bright blooms of the poppies, and worry about the weeds another day.

I hope your garden is full of wonderful blooms!

Early morning fog in Sheepwalk.

I woke up very early one morning and couldn’t sleep.  A peek out the window enticed me to take a walk around our garden.  It was so beautiful! These four pictures were taken around 4:00 A.M.

Early morning pre-bloom poppies.

And here come the blooms!



Some other plants have been flowering too.  This Bergenia is so pretty!  The leaves are somewhat large and hardy, and turn a burgundy color after their green start.

Bergenia flowers.

Bergenia plant & flower.

This hydrangea was given to me at the end of last season. It’s so pretty in with my lavender.


We’ve had some really windy days recently. The poor roses!  I’ve been cutting some to save them from being battered!

Hybrid Tea Rose Pink Peace.

Hybrid Tea Rose Silver Anniversary with lavender.

This climbing rose is at our front gate and seems to be quite happy.

These are some pictures I took of blooms in the garden.  My camera is broken (two cameras, actually!) so I’m using a  zoom lens that I wouldn’t normally use.  It was challenging, but I think I captured some color, which was my goal!

Summer flowers with lavender.

Summer flowers.

Summer flowers.


I love Marigolds. They are so bright and cheerful! They remind me of my childhood when my mom would save their seeds and use them the following year.  I did that with these, too.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Poppies and other flowers from the garden.

  1. You certainly have captured colour beautifully… and the poppies are worth the wait! I hope you’re having some of the sunshine now? I love roses but I’ll always have a soft spot for hydrangeas!

  2. Thank you, PJ Girl. We had a couple of days of glorious sun, but it’s back to rain again. At least it is warmer 🙂 I’m hoping to build up my collection of hydrangea with some different varieties – one plant at a time!

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