Bright and cheerful daffodils & other blessings.

I took this picture to share my daffodils.  They make me smile.  They are special to me because they are “Pat’s” daffodils.  Pat is 94 years old, and a “regular” at our village’s Monday Morning Senior Tea time.  He is a real gentleman and a sweetheart.  I go to help out;  wash-up after the tea, sit and talk with the folks, and sometimes I call out the bingo numbers.  I love being with the group!  Pat always brings in daffodils to give to the ladies.  But Pat has not been well lately.  These flowers came from his garden, per his request, but he didn’t bring them in.  So I look at them and think of sweet Pat.

Then I look around my kitchen and see some other things that make me smile. The beautiful quilted pot-holder was made by my then 80 year old neighbor.  Betty is her name, and at 84 she keeps in touch with me, in between her gardening and quilting,  via facebook!

The pottery plate hanging above the window to the right is Highland Stoneware.  I loved the scene so much I decided to hang it instead of use it as a plate. I bought that on a get-a-way weekend to Scotland  with my husband.  It just so happened that 80,000  people were with us on that romantic rugby weekend!  (It was brilliant and Ireland won, so all happy memories go along with that plate).

This last picture was take this morning.  It makes me feel so peaceful.  I love it.  There was a lot of rain today, but in between we had gorgeous sun.  I hope you have some kind of a rainbow in your day today!

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