Time to trim the hedges.

It’s February, and a perfect time to get the hedges neat and tidy. The weather is somewhat mild and you’ll find some sunny days too.  In Ireland, it is illegal to cut hedges  between March 1st and August 31st as it’s contrary to the Wildlife act.  So this gives us a window of about a month to get all along the property line trimmed.   I have beech hedges (Fagus Sylvatica) which are slow growing.  I like them as the leaves turn brown in the fall, yet stay on the branches until the new leaves appear.  This gives some color (albeit brown!) all through the winter.   I am cutting them down fairly low to get them to spread out sideways.  I’m keeping them below the top of the fence until they are really full.  This is my second year cutting them – they are about 4 years planted (the owners before us planted them, but only lived here for about 2 years).  The 2nd picture is a shot of  what I still have to do.  It’s a work in progress!

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