We had a glorious day of sunshine today, with temperatures around 9 degrees Celsius.  This was perfect for spreading some horse manure my neighbor had given me just yesterday.  I wouldn’t be an expert on manure, but it was somewhat “aged” and full of wonderful worms for the soil.    We have been working on this one (new) garden for about a year.  It started as all grass, like the rest of the yard.  So I first  put down a load of newspapers to kill the grass. Then I added seaweed on top.  To keep it from blowing away, I added some heavy compost.  In the meantime, boxwood plants went on sale so we bought a bunch of them and planted them around the border.  I am hoping the horse manure will be the final stage before planting.  We did plant some tulip bulbs in here this past fall, but the main intention for this garden is for roses.  I’m hoping to get them this summer.  One step at a time.