Tulip season!

Hi there! While we should be well and truly into spring at this stage, the weather has only been teasing us with spring-like weather. Despite this, the garden continues to come to life, with all of the tulips now up and blooming. As I mentioned in an earlier post, not all of my tulips have returned from last year. But, the ones that did are fabulous.

I’m joining Garden Ruminations for the Six on Saturday meme, where folks from all over the world give a peek into their gardens.

Enjoy the tour!

In Peace,

View of the apple, cherry and birch trees with a cloudy sky

1 – April sky. I thought this picture summarizes perfectly what the weather has been like! It is sunny, but there is also a black cloud, which brought rain. You can see the white/pink blossoms of the apple tree on the left, with the cherry tree in the center, and the five birch trees on the right.

Pretty Princess tulips

2 – Pretty Princess tulips. These tulips are a lovely, bright and cheerful pink, with a dark contrast color in the middle of the petals. These particular flowers were planted this past fall, but they join other Pretty Princess tulips that have been in this bed for a few years.

Queen of the night tulips (dark) with some Pretty Princess below

3 – Queen of the Night tulips. I love this deep, dark burgundy color, in contrast to the brightness of the pink Pretty Princess tulips. These tulips are a few years old.

Vincent van Gogh tulips
Vincent van Gogh tulips

4 – Vincent van Gogh tulips. We planted these dark, fringed tulips this past fall, to tie-in with the Queen of the Night tulips, since they are across from each other. These have a beautiful burgundy – red tinge. Unfortunately, they are being surrounded (smothered) by poppies.

Tulip ballerina

5 – Tulip ballerina. Aren’t these lovely? I had a lot more of these years ago, but every year less return. I’ve shifted my colors more to wine/pink/white, though, so I’m not sure if I’ll find a little nook to keep these colors.

Fringed Tulipa Honeymoon

6 – Fringed Tulip Honeymoon. These are just two years old, and the pack has thinned out. It’s a constant battle in this bed, though, with poppies and weeds, so I’m not too surprised they don’t return here.

Kitty in front of Cool Crystal tulips

I’m sneaking in one more picture. Here is ‘Kitty’ sitting pretty in front of the Cool Crystal tulips, which are still looking fantastic. Kitty likes to keep me company in the garden. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! Any favorites?

18 thoughts on “Tulip season!

  1. So lovely to see such tulip beauty and your cute pussycat! โค I think I grew tulip Queen of the Night one year. It is interesting to have similar plant varieties the world over.

  2. This really seems to be the year of the tulip on SOS and you have shown some really lovely one. You’ve introduced me to ‘Princess’ Tulips, they are just lovely with the two tone effect.

  3. You have a good few I could call favourites, Dana. Among the tulip shots, Queen of the Night definitely comes out on top – I love the drama they present in a garden. But I also love your first shot, of your garden (what a lovely space) planted in such a beautiful landscape.

    • Thanks so much, Catherine! I would normally be drawn to all shades of pink, but the color of the dark Queen of the Night just really took me! It’s great to have so much fun with color in the garden ๐Ÿ˜‰

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