A little sunshine does the trick!

Hi there! We were away for nearly all of last week and the garden looks completely transformed. Thank God for warmer weather with some sunshine thrown in, between the showers, of course. It is great to see. It really lifts my spirits when the weather improves. Suddenly I find myself outside in the garden, not wanting to come in!

All is not perfect in the garden, though. I seem to have some issues with my hyacinth and some tulips. I’ll give the tulips a bit more time, but the hyacinth have already bloomed, albeit half heartedly. Such a change from last year. I’m hoping it is due to the very wet spring we’ve had.

Otherwise, the garden is looking good, with lots of growth and buds of things soon to come.

I’m joining Garden Ruminations for the Six on Saturday meme. Feel free to join in! πŸ™‚

Enjoy the tour.

In Peace,

pink aubrietia
pink aubrietia

1 – Pink Aubrietia. This makes me smile every spring. Mine was more interested in growing into the bed than down the wall, but I think we’ll eventually get there. It is really quite striking! Last year I planted more in the second bed and it is already heading down the wall.

'Cool Crystal' (pink parrot) tulips
'Cool Crystal' (pink parrot) tulips

2 – ‘Cool Crystal’ (pink fringed, peony-like) tulips. These were planted just this past fall, in my newest bed. They haven’t all fully opened yet, and they already look very pretty.

Helleborus Harvington Double Apricots

3 – Helleborus Harvington Double Apricot. I know I’ve already shown these a while back, but I really think they are at their peak now. Wow! So many blooms, all with dainty double petals, in a delicate apricot and pink coloring. πŸ™‚


4 – Primroses. These are also back for show and tell, again. I just can’t get over how well they’ve done (counter to all my previous primroses). I wasn’t able to capture them all in the picture, but I have red, purple, cream, light yellow, dark yellow, and dark pink. And I’m sure that they’ve spread from what I planted last year.

dark pink, light pink and purple hyacinth

5 – Hyacinth. The pinks are part of the Raspberry Ice Fusion collection. I don’t know the exact name of the ‘purple’ ones. These all did fairly well again this year. I’ve had these for quite a few years now, and I am always happy with them.

Hyacinth Woodstock last year
Hyacinth Woodstock this year

6 – Hyacinth Woodstock. Here’s my example of poorly performing hyacinth! The top picture of these pretty maroon-purple hyacinth is from last spring (they were planted that fall). They were full flowered and beautiful. The bottom picture is this year. They look terrible! I am hoping it was just because of the rain. I’ll give them another year before digging them up.

I hope your garden is faring well with whatever weather you have!

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have an idea of why my hyacinth aren’t happy, please do share! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A little sunshine does the trick!

  1. What a lovely splash of colour your aubretia is making! I’m sure I can see a little clump heading across the wall, perhaps it won’t be too long before it starts to trail over,

    I love the pink parrot tulip, what pretty colours. My hellebores are not looking as good as yours, perhaps they resented being moved a few weeks ago!

    You must be enjoying the perfume from all those gorgeous hyacinths, I should take note to add some springtime fragrance into the garden.

    • Thanks so much, Rebecca. I’ve just discovered that most of them also have a second flower attached to each stem (quite unusual to me!). And today, a few days later than the blog post picture, they are even more beautiful as all of them are blooming. πŸ™‚

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