A pink and purple theme

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! The mild fall weather absolutely spoiled me, allowing me to work comfortably in the garden for well into November. So when the weather turned ‘normal’ for this time of year, I was a teeny, tiny bit annoyed and withdrew inside. Thankfully, I’ve acclimatized, and have ventured out again – albeit with many layers. You’ll see what I mean about about a pink and purple theme when I show you what I gathered from the garden. 🙂

collage of pink and purple flowers in a vase

Whoa! Look at those colors! So here we have it, my pink and purple flowers. The rose shrubs are more or less at the end of their season, and I saw no reason to leave the flowers outside where no one would be enjoying them (it’s too cold!). I added the anemone because now is when they actually start showing up all over the garden. They might appear to be a frail flower, but they do great in arrangements, as do roses, of course. The roses opened up over the course of the week and were truly lovely. The bottom left photo in the collage was taken a few days after I brought the flowers inside, while the others are from just a short time after cutting the flowers. Never mind that in the same room I had a fall colored arrangement for Thanksgiving. Yes, it clashed, and nope, I didn’t really care.

Pink and Purple bouquet

This picture shows the flowers after a few days being inside. They all opened up beautifully. It’s the simple things.

Pink and Blue sunrise

Look at that morning sky! We’ve seen lots of pink and purple hues of late. It’s just beautiful, and something I will never tire of. While I do love pink and purple, it’s now time to get into Christmas mode (and colors). We’ve just put up our outside Christmas lights, and that really helps to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

I hope you are keeping safe, and well, and that your December is exactly what you need it to be.

In Peace,

lit Christmas tree outside with kitty
Kitty was helping me to check on the lights. 🙂

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