Fabulous Flower Friday

hydrangea paniculata

hydrangea paniculata in early summer

Well hello there! On my drive home from work this week I was thinking about my blog.  I was thinking about how I really do miss writing posts.  I could blame it on a dozen different things, and they’d all be very good excuses.  But that doesn’t get me closer to getting back into blogging.  What I need is a plan on how I’m going to get back into the game.  And this is what I thought of: a plant highlight, on Fridays, called “Fabulous Flower Friday”.   What do you think?

Here we go!

hydrangea paniculata early in the season

hydrangea paniculata early in the season (with a lavender flower)

Hydrangea paniculata. Let’s start with “panicle”, straight from dictionary.com: any loose, diversely branching flower cluster.   That was easy.  Next?

hydrangea paniculata full bloom

hydrangea paniculata full bloom

It is a medium sized shrub which loses its leaves at the end of the season (deciduous). The flowers bloom in late summer to early fall, are elongated and turn from a creamy white to pink as they mature.

hydrangea paniculata turning pinky

hydrangea paniculata turning pinky

This hydrangea prefers moist, well-drained soil in sun to partial shade, and is tolerant of frost.

When to prune? Cut back to a few buds in spring to encourage larger flowers (but it is not necessary to prune).

The flowers are also good for drying.

hydrangea paniculata full shrub

hydrangea paniculata full shrub

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my first “Fabulous Flower Friday”. 🙂

In Peace,

The front gate garden bed in full view

The front gate garden bed in full view

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