Adding Color for a Cabinet Remake

cabinet "before"

cabinet “before”

This blog post is not a “how-to” for painting furniture.  There are plenty of sites offering lots of advice on that topic.  No, this post is a little “nudge” to anyone who has been thinking about painting a piece of furniture but has been hesitant for whatever reason.

I wanted to paint the cabinet in the above picture for a few YEARS.  It is a number of years old, was passed among a couple of family members and had two heat marks from tea cups by the time we got it.  The color is very dark, too.  But I really like the piece of furniture itself.

glass door cabinet painted turquoise

glass door cabinet painted turquoise to match the vessel

The problem was, well actually I should say MY problem was that I was afraid of “messing up”.  My fear of not doing a good job stopped me from trying.  Simply stated: I was chicken.

That is pretty sad, isn’t it?  But thankfully, I have some pretty awesome friends in my life, and they tackle all sorts of challenges, all of the time. That kind of pushed me and inspired me to give it a go. Also, I wanted my kids to see me go out of my comfort zone, to teach them that they can do anything they put their mind to, too.

A bit of color in the bathroom

A bit of color in the bathroom

Everyone is different.  Some people might not understand this “fear” of failure. I think they are pretty lucky.  The other thing is, it is only ‘painting a piece of furniture’. Logically, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I messed up.  But “fears” aren’t usually based on logic!

But that fear is now very much behind me, because I researched what I needed to do and tackled my project head on! I am very happy to say that I am absolutely delighted with my new turquoise cabinet.

If you are looking to paint furniture for the first time, I would recommend this site to get you started:

The color was inspired by the ceramic vessel, which you can see in the above photographs.  I brought the vessel home last year (in carry-on luggage!) following our trip to Paris.  I just loved it, and how it reminded me of the wonderful time our family had on our vacation.

Painted cabinet

Painted cabinet (I might have an issue with buying multiples of soap & stuff …)

This is the cabinet now.  It is being put to good use.   I didn’t really know I had that many soaps! Now that they are in a glass cabinet I can keep track of all of our cleaning items.    🙂

I wonder what project I’ll tackle next?

Go on, tackle that job you’ve been putting off for all the wrong reasons!

In peace,

Pears, Sunflowers, Blueberry plants, Strawberry plants

A fall look at our Pears, Sunflowers, Blueberry plants, Strawberry plants


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