A view of the garden (video)

Abieskoreana (which we call our Christmas tree)

Abieskoreana (which we call our Christmas tree)

Hello!  I am having a bit of fun with making videos.  This one starts with an opening shot of what we call our Christmas tree (Abieskoreana) [sideways, I might add] and me saying “Hi, this is mom in the garden” … I actually laugh after saying that, realizing that it seems like I am the tree.  Please smile with me!  I’m still learning 🙂

Flower bed with Japanese anemone

Flower bed with Japanese anemone

In the picture above you can’t even see the new bed as it looks to be all grass!  I managed to get about half of it cleared tonight (after my video).  It was pretty dark when I finished!  But I’m so excited to get the bed ready.  My goal is to get roses in there this winter.

a slightly different view

a slightly different view

I was in the garden the past two nights and both times I was treated to the most amazing sunsets.  The only downside was that the way I was weeding had my back to the sun so I had to keep stopping to enjoy the show!

Another glorious sunset

Another glorious sunset


I snapped this picture this morning. Still more to do, but huge progress has been made!

The video is just a quick hello and a short visit around the garden.  I hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by.

In peace,



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