Family time in the garden

The ditch wall garden full of color

The ditch-wall garden full of color

Working in the garden is not something that my kids would consider a “fun” past time, (or even my husband, ahem…) despite my best efforts to convince them it is!  But yesterday, Easter Monday, we were all outside and at one point we were all working in one garden bed when my older daughter laughed and said “isn’t this nice?”!

The Center Garden ever so slowly being transformed

The Center Garden ever so slowly being transformed

YES, yes it was!  What I call the “Center Garden” is where we were all working.  Over the past few years I’d had a wild-flower garden here, but it went terribly wrong with more grass this year than garden.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time turning the soil/grass/sod.  Yesterday we were able to shake the sod and get rid of the grass while leaving the soil.  What a painstaking process!  It was so wonderful to get the family’s help!

dark pink Hellebores

dark pink Hellebores

A bit of a side note from our working in the garden, but I’ve taken a real liking to Hellebores in the garden.  They can add color all through the winter.  These (above) are a dark pink color, and although they love to get black spot, after I cut off their leaves they look really pretty.  They look like pink bells to me!

Another section of the ditch wall uncovered.

Another section of the ditch-wall uncovered

Another big job the family helped me with is clearing a second section of the ditch-wall.  It was all brambles, ivy and nettles!

close-up of the new section of the ditch wall

close-up of the new section of the ditch-wall

What a job that has been! The wall is in very poor shape.  I’m trying to be careful to keep it as much in tact as possible.  I’m focusing on the bottom section now that the stones are cleared. Believe it or not,  I am hopeful that I’ll be able to plant here this summer.  That is my motivation!  I still have a lot to do to pull up those ivy roots.  If only my good plants were so strong!

full view of "original" ditch wall

full view of “original” ditch wall

Just a few yards up from the new clearing my “original” ditch-wall garden is showing lots of color!  I planted some aubretia last year and it is just starting to bloom.  The daffodils are also just starting to add their color.

sunlight makes everything beautiful

sunlight makes everything beautiful

The key expression around here is … all in good time!

I hope that you and your family get to enjoy time together in the garden, even if not for pulling weeds!

In peace,

2 thoughts on “Family time in the garden

    • Hi Donna! I think we really do have to have patience in the garden, but then it is so worth it. I like your term of “prodding”! but however it is encourage, it is so lovely when everyone works together! 🙂 Dana

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