In a Vase on Monday: Confessions from Mom (and One final week of Daffodils)

Daffodils in my new watering can

4 different varieties of Daffodils in my new watering can

Well, it is Monday, it must be time for my weekly blogging confessions!  I arrived home from work tonight to find our kitchen counters completely covered and in a very un-pretty state.  This is not unusual at our house since the kids don’t really care about having tidy counters.  So before I can do anything I have to clear off the counters.  Here’s the confession part: then, instead of making dinner, I took pictures. Phew, that wasn’t so bad!

clear (and clean) counters

clear (and clean) counters

What is it with my kids that it doesn’t bother them if empty containers are left on the counter?  or the compost container overfloweth? or someone left the counter covered in crumbs???  arg 😉  Lucky for me that is all I have to worry about!

lots of leftover flowers

lots of leftover flowers

I actually have quite a few containers of flowers in the kitchen at the moment!  Some are usually on the table, but that was just too much work to clear for a picture (especially when I was getting hungry for dinner).

Hellebores from the garden

Hellebores from the garden

I thought I’d be able to work the hellebores into my daffodil arrangement, but they really did not go together.

my new watering can

my new watering can

Above my watering can arrangement is my favourite quilted pot-holder.  It was made for me by my dear friend Betty who was 80 when she made it. She is now 86 and still making beautiful quilts!

Watering Can Vase

Watering Can Vase

I bought the watering can this weekend out of necessity. I have finally planted some (read: LOTS and LOTS)  squash seeds and when I went to water them with my regular watering can I nearly drowned them!  So when I was at the store I opted for the much prettier metal can rather than the (cheaper) plastic one. It is cream and I think it matches our kitchen nicely. 🙂

another different variety

another variety of daffodils from the garden

second round of life for a bouquet that was "spent"

second round of life for a bouquet that was “spent”

This picture is of flowers which were in a bouquet last week.  There were other flowers in the original bouquet but they are now good and dead.  I cut these guys nice and short and put them in a much smaller container and they look really happy! Don’t you think so?

daffodils on the deck

daffodils on the deck

And finally, I show you my back deck containers of daffodils (and bright pink anemone).  There are two pictures, and look how different they are by just kneeling down, or standing up!  I couldn’t decide if I liked seeing the grass and no sky, or the hedges and fields beyond so I combined them both into one collaged picture.  Which do you prefer???

I will be joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for this fun meme “In a Vase on Monday”.  Won’t you join us?

Happy Spring!

10 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Confessions from Mom (and One final week of Daffodils)

  1. Great vases & containers! I currently only have the boring clear glass variety. Everyone’s “In a Vase” posts are so inspirational with the creative and unique containers used for arrangements. I’m definitely on the lookout for interesting vases to use for my future arrangements.

    • Hi Rebecca, I bet you have containers already that you hadn’t thought to use. It is fun to use something that bit different. (but yes, I am usually on the lookout for interesting vases, too!) 🙂

  2. And of course your children might not see the point of cluttering up your worktops with vases of flowers (and I shan’t be showing any wider pictures of my kitchen, I can tell you)!! Your little watering can is a pretty shape and you have shown what a difference trimming the stems has made as they are perfect here. I suspect that if I we didn’t have the internet and I wasn’t blogging I would be doing more stitching of various sorts – life was simpler and slower even in our (sorry, my…!) younger days and I so admire what your elderly lady friend is still achieving

    • oh I think I’m in a similar boat as you Cathy, that it was much slower even just a number of years ago! Betty is definitely an inspiration to me, to keep at the things I love no matter what the age!

  3. Your little watering can is perfect for those creamy yellow daffs! In fact, I like it so much I may have to find something similar just for Monday vases! LOL! I love the view from your back patio, so would say the picture with sky in it is my favourite, but it IS nice to see the grass getting greener isn’t it! Have a good week Dana, and enjoy all those lovely flowers in your kitchen!

    • Thanks so much Cathy, and I think everyone agreed that the top photo was nicer, despite the lovely green grass in the second photo! I hope you had a good week (sorry so late to reply…)!

  4. Hi Dana. all your vases are lovely – and look great on your clean counters too. I’ve no children at home now, only my husband to make a mess, but I wage a daily, hourly, war against crumbs! I love your watering can – such a beautiful design – the daffodils look perfect in it. Great photos of your daffodils on the deck – I like the top photo best 🙂 I wish you a good week ahead.

    • Hello Elizabeth! I hope you had a good week! How does the time go so quickly? You mean I’m always going to have crumbs??? 😉 I’m glad you liked my arrangement and “vase”! I’ve grown to really like the watering can, and I’m so glad I treated myself!

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