In a Vase on Monday: A Simple fall Posy

A collection of potted plants

A collection of potted plants

Well hello there! Have you come to see what I’ve gathered from the garden this week to create a vase for the meme “In a Vase on Monday”?  I do hope so!  It has been a lot of fun finding different vases, flowers and ideas for this meme. Cathy at Rambling in the Garden is the lovely host, and you can visit her blog here: .  While you are there, you can check out the links to other vases too.

Afternoon sunlight

Geraniums, marigolds and calendula flowers bathing in afternoon sunlight

The weather had been quite mild for September and October.  But recently we had our first hard frost, and the forecast is for more cold weather.  So I thought I should feature my potted plants (quick, before they are destroyed!).

Pewter Vase &  awesome afternoon sunlight

Pewter Vase & awesome afternoon sunlight

The vase is pewter and was given to me by a very special friend (thank you Jean!).  I thought it was perfect for my little posy.

Simply lovely

Simply lovely

The afternoon sunlight coming in the house was absolutely lovely.  I have been going at warp speed of late, so it was incredibly wonderful to take some time to pick, cut, and photograph the flowers in that sunlight.  It really is amazing the difference lighting can make.

Later that night...

Later that night…

See?  That picture doesn’t have the same “sparkle” as the ones with sunlight.

A nice arrangement all the same

A nice arrangement all the same

Still, I’ll take the arrangement as it adds some life to our kitchen.

Fall Posy

Fall Posy

And that is me and my “In a Vase on Monday” all finished!  A quick one today.  But I do hope you enjoyed it!

Until next week 🙂

14 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: A Simple fall Posy

  1. Hi Dana, lovely arrangement – all the zingy colours of late summer – they look great in the pewter vase. Sadly, my marigolds were cut down in their prime by Hurricane Gonzalo and the geraniums outside have gone over too.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I love marigolds and always have more than a couple pots of them. My largest container was blown over though, and those in it were crushed (what a sad ending to them!). The geraniums were overwintered from last year, and although they took a while to get going, they really were lovely. I think there time will be up soon, though. As for the calendula, those guys replant themselves like crazy! Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comment Elizabeth. Dana

  2. Oh, definitely bright and beautiful, Dana – such vibrant colours! Lovely to be bringing them inside so you can see them all the time – and grab them while you can, like you said!. It looks as if we a had a frost overnight so it will be interesting to see how quickly our gardens change once these start becoming more frequent. Thanks for sharing ps you didn’t include a link in your comment so I have added it to make it easier for people to find you

  3. Oh yes, really enjoyed this one Dana! Lovely flowers and photos! I know exactly what you mean with sunlight – it makes so much difference. Hope you get lots more sunshine this month! 🙂

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