In a Vase on Monday (night): Allium

Allium, rye, hydrangea, globe artichokes

Allium, rye, hydrangea, globe artichokes

It is still Monday!  Talk about leaving things till the eleventh hour.  My blog post yesterday took me ages to put together, which left me no time for my ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme!  But now I have a moment to breathe and I can share with you an arrangement I put together this summer.  I’m using it today because I really think it is quite a fall looking arrangement.

A rather dry arrangement with the barley fields in the background.

A rather dry arrangement with the barley fields in the background.

I think the barley in the field had just been harvested when I took these pictures. The hydrangea blooms from my father-in-law were freshly cut, but I didn’t put them in water.  I used them in my birthday flower arrangement, too.  (I’m sure you were already thinking that, weren’t you?)

Hydrangea & globe artichokes

Hydrangea & globe artichokes

The pottery vase is a real keeper. I bought that from my gardening club when I lived in  Syracuse, NY.  It has a great height, and the blue and green are lovely colours to work with.  I hadn’t realised until just now that I didn’t get a very good picture of the vase.

that's not allium

that’s not allium

I think I was more interested in my props than my allium when I was taking these pictures.  The globe artichokes are still holding on to their colour.

Holding everything in place

Holding everything in place

Sometimes I pretend that I’m just so clever.  Look how I held everything in place?  Pieces of dried allium stems held together with elastic bands to form a triangle.  Totally high tech.  🙂

Sitting high in my kitchen

Sitting up high in my kitchen

The above picture looks fuzzy!  I hate that.  But I just wanted to show you where my arrangement lives; in my kitchen above my microwave. It is a great space to fill! Some of the allium are still purple while some are definitely yellowed.  There aren’t  so many hydrangeas since I stole them for my birthday arrangement. That lives in my front hall.

I’ll end with one of my favourite pictures of allium that I took (probably around the time of these pictures).

If you’d like to see some other arrangements from the meme In a Vase on Monday, stop by Cathy’s Rambling in the garden’s blog: 

Happy Monday!

Dried Allium

Dried Allium

14 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday (night): Allium

  1. Happy Monday Dana! I must remember to cut some alloums next year before they get too dry and collapse! They look really effective as dried flowers. Quite imposing in fact! And I just cut some hydrangea heads to leave to dry too. Yours are a very pretty colour.

    • Hi Cathy, I love giving the flowers a second life by using them in dried arrangements or wreaths. I’m hoping to spray paint some alliums for Christmas decorating. They have such a great shape! Thanks for the compliments 🙂

  2. Striking arrangement Dana. You’ve made good use of that lovely vase. I like the globe artichokes and your technique for keeping the flowers intact is very clever. Susie

  3. That is a really clever and attractive way to keep your plants upright and in place! Great idea. A lovely autumn arrangement Dana, I love dried flower heads too. 🙂

  4. Love the vase – and its contents, Dana. My allium heads gave up the ghost ages ago so I am wondering why others still have them available… I have recently seen a picture of Sarah Raven’s silver sprayed allium heads – they look stunning!

  5. That’s a nice arrangement. I have allium heads from two summers ago out on my side porch, and I’m using a patio umbrella stand as their vase! Your post (which I’m reading a week late!) reminded me that I had meant to try to use them in a Halloween-inspired arrangement. I totally forgot–maybe next week!

    I grew up about 80 miles south of Syracuse, between Binghamton and Oneonta. The land of everlasting snow!

    • Hi Kimberley! Oh yes, the winters were quite long when we lived in Syracuse! Good thing we loved skiing and sledding 🙂 I think it is the best place in the world to raise a family there, though, so I’m sure you have fond memories, too. I am hoping to spray paint some allium for Christmas decorating. But let’s see if I remember to do that 😉 Thanks for your comment! Dana

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