In a Vase on Monday: Sweet Pea, Hosta & Perovskia (Russian Sage)

Without any sun it is quite drab

Without any sun it is somewhat drab

Today is Monday. It is a wet, cold, and miserable day!  What a yucky end to the summer.  The bright aspect of today, though, is the start of my joining in on “In a Vase on Monday”.  Cathy, of Rambling in the Garden, hosts this lovely blogging theme.  Here is my first “go” at joining in.  To see some other lovely vases of flowers, please do visit Cathy’s blog:

Add a touch of sun and Voila! magic.

Add a touch of sun and Voila! magic. The vase is from our Irish pottery collection from when we married 18 years ago (Suzanne May).

I know my crazy schedule, so I cut these flowers on Saturday evening.  My sweet pea are white and different shades of pink and purple. They smell amazing in the wide open garden.  The fragrance in the house when I have a vase of sweet pea inside is heavenly!

Perovskia 'Atriplicifolia' (Russian Sage)

Perovskia ‘Atriplicifolia’ (Russian Sage)

I planted Perovskia ‘Atriplicifolia’ (Russian Sage) last year.  I missed it from my previous garden.  I’m so glad to have it again.  It is such a delicate plant.  I’ve added just a few strands to the arrangement to give it a bit of extended form.

The Russian Sage gives it some reach.

The Russian Sage gives it some reach.

I also used some hosta at the base to kind of keep some form to the arrangement. I tried to not have it look like a collar, but I did like the contrast of the sweet pea on the green at the base.

Up close

Up close

The vase of flowers is sitting in front of me this morning as I am writing this post. It is still smelling fragrant and looking well.  I’m glad I took those pictures on Saturday, though, as the weather is horrendous today! Even on Saturday the weather was changeable.  You can see how it was cloudy and sunny while I was taking photos!  The difference in photos is like night and day.

In a Vase: Sweet Pea, Hosta & Perovskia (Russian Sage)

In a Vase: Sweet Pea, Hosta & Perovskia (Russian Sage)

I love flower arranging, so this was pure pleasure in putting together.  The hardest part for me is cutting the flowers in the garden!  I love seeing them in the yard.  Incentive for me to plant enough to have in the yard, and in a  vase!

I hope your Monday is lovely and bright.


8 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Sweet Pea, Hosta & Perovskia (Russian Sage)

  1. It is Gorgeous Dana! I love that you still have sweet peas growing and russian sage at the same time. I don’t think that could happen in my climate. Your arrangement is really wonderful…keep it in front of you today to get you through the blucky Monday!

    • Thank you Andrea, that is very kind of you to say. I guess I’ve become used to the Irish weather and (sorta) take it for granted! I miss the heat that you enjoy, but there are benefits to the more mild climate, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Dana – my vases are always in view when I write too, sitting at the kitchen table. You have some lovely sweet peas there – I have grown them successfully this year for the first time and am trying hard to remember to cut them regularly to keep them going (certainly a good reason to put them in a vase!). Those wisps of Russian sage work really well, don’t they? Look forward to seeing you and your vases again – thanks for joining us!

  3. A most beautiful bouquet and I love the consideration of light that went into taking the photograph. We’ve lived in Ireland too for a long time. I hope you’re very happy there. Thanks for visiting my blog and best wishes 🙂

    • Hi Annette, How nice of you to stop by and visit! Thank you for the compliment, too. We do enjoy living in Ireland. I suppose it is important to make where ever you live your home… Many thanks, Dana

  4. What a neat blog hop idea! I’m going to try to participate at some point. I like having a little bit of structure to inspire me and give me a little push to create a post. I love the sweet peas, and that’s a great vase!

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