Happy Fourth of July!

Our American flag.

Our American flag.

Proud to be an American…  I don’t think it can be explained, American pride that is.  For me, it just is a part of me, no matter where I’ve lived.  During my last visit home, I particularly noticed all of the American flags waving on flag poles at everyone’s homes.  It was so nice to see!

My parents' American flag is put up every day.

My parents’ American flag is put up every day. I remember having this be one of my jobs as a child.

Always at the front!  Ellen's American flag.

Always at the front! Ellen and Darryl ‘s American flag.

As long as the weather is good, you will usually find the flag outside, and in good condition.

Ed & Jen's flag in perfect condition.

Ed & Jen’s flag in perfect condition.

Rob & Lisa's flag looks really nice in the breeze.

Rob & Lisa’s flag looks really nice in the breeze.

I bet my friends are going to smile when they see their flags here.  I just loved seeing them (the friends and the flags!).

Independence Day Cake!

Independence Day Cake!

The 4th of July celebrations usually involve a parade, and then getting together with friends and family for a barbeque or picnic, and field games.    The activities would be finished off with some spectacular fireworks after dark.  It really is a wonderful way to celebrate!

American flag cake.

American flag cake.

I don’t know where I got it in my head to try making a flag cake this year.  Thankfully, I had the help of my daughter.  It was a bit time consuming (I think we work kinda slow!), but it was neat to have something different.  We celebrated a bit early with this cake, which gave me the chance to post it here! 🙂

Even though we live abroad, we still celebrate.  We’ll be meeting some other Americans for a family picnic.  Might not have a parade, but it’ll have the American spirit!

Happy 4th of July!

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