Giving Thanks in November… and trimming Ivy!

Thankful for my  garden.

Thankful for my garden.  It’s November look.

As an American, celebrating Thanksgiving in November is very important to me.  I do appreciate all that I have, and give thanks to God every day.  But November is a special time to really stop, and recognize those who are dear to us and those things which we are grateful for.  O.K., now jump down the list of things to be thankful for; behind my being Christian, my husband, kids, family & friends,  and you’ll find my garden!  That’s right, my garden.  It’s where I can breathe easy.  Any time of day I can wander out to the garden and find something to smile about.  I’m thankful that I have a “clean slate” of a yard to plant what I love, and through that I am able to learn so much about vegetable and flower gardening.  🙂

Hawthorne berries from October.

Hawthorne berries in September.

November is also a great time to cut down the ivy that is choking my Hawthorne trees!  I have to say, though, that I think the ivy is rather pretty… just not on my trees.  So I cut a small bunch and threw them in a vase.  I think they bring a little life to my kitchen.  The rest of the ivy that I cut down was thrown over the fence with all of my weeds.  Ivy, brambles, nettles and weeds: you name it, my ditch wall is buried underneath it!  I certainly won’t be short of work to do this winter.

Ivy, brambles, nettles, and weeds covering my ditch wall (and Hawthorne trees).

Ivy, brambles, nettles, and weeds covering my ditch wall (and Hawthorne trees).

Hawthorne berries in November.

Hawthorne berries in November.

Ivy in the trees.

Ivy in the trees.

After I took the picture of the ivy I had brought inside, I realized I’d somewhat captured one of my favorite paintings.  So I took another picture of just the painting!  Here is my special painting story:  I had it painted for me just before I moved from New York to Ireland.  The artist, Audrey Decker, was in her 80s at the time.  I’d seen some of her work 10 years earlier and I simply loved it.  After reading an article in the newspaper about her I had cut it out and saved it for 10 years!  Through some unusual circumstances I finally met her just months before my move, and she painted this painting for me.  She is quite a special woman.  I have the painting hanging in my favorite room in the house, my kitchen.   Another thing to be thankful for!

Ivy inside.

Bringing some life into the house: a vase of ivy.

Special painting to me.

A special painting to me, by Audrey Decker.

Back in the garden, I was able to capture my “Alaska” Shasta daisies on a sunny afternoon.  Another happy flower.

Shasta Daisy "Alaska" in November.

Shasta Daisy “Alaska” in November.

The sky was simply too beautiful to not photograph on this evening!  My littlest one and I were captivated by the colors.  Really, I have so much to be thankful for!

Blessings to you,

A beautiful end to a lovely day.

A beautiful end to a lovely day.

12 thoughts on “Giving Thanks in November… and trimming Ivy!

  1. Dana-

    This is by far your best blog entry to date! I applaud your craft of weaving everything that you hold dear into it. This is another talent of yours which you rock! If I had oodles of time I would comment line by line on just how special, unique and inspirational you are. Thanksgiving will always hold such special memories for me thanks to you and your family. Love ya!

  2. Although I live in the UK and thanksgiving is not celebrated here, I share your mentality on being thankful for the people and wondrous things around us. It is too easy for us to forget how grateful we should be for all that we have, not just material things but also those around us who have a positive impact on our lives.

    • Hi Debb, Thanks for your comment. As we are all so (too) busy, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important, and who is important. It is such a good feeling to be grateful and thankful, especially for the people in our lives! So glad you stopped by 🙂

  3. Hi Dana, Really enjoyed this blog! The way you wove several topics together was just lovely. I felt very special as I was reading this because you have a wonderful ability to artfully share personal stories that make me appreciate and connect to you even more than I already do. The pictures are beautiful as always and the sunset is my favorite! Love you!

  4. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring work Dana! You are an artiste extraordinaire-with words, with food, with flowers, with pictures and with the people you love. Weaving a beautiful tapestry for yourself -called life. Blessings this Thanksgiving! Jean

    • Hi Jean, I am speechless! And at the same time I am blushing and smiling at such a heartfelt compliment. It is wonderful to feel close to you even though there are thousands of miles between us. Love to you. xoxo Dana

  5. Wonderful things to be thankful for as seen through your photos. It is nice to know someone else how has original paintings in their kitchen. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and it is lovely to have things that make it special.

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