From sharing flowers … to growing a Hydrangea from a cutting.

Having friends who like to share their flowers is such a great thing.   A lot of my garden (flowers and fruits) are from friends and family.  My friend Susan has such a beautiful and well loved garden.  After one visit to her last year, I left  with a gorgeous bouquet of blue hydrangea.  I had the arrangement up high in my kitchen, and well,  just left it there.  Some of the blooms actually dried,  which I think is also very pretty.  One bloom had just enough water to grow roots.   Roots!  O.K., for those with Green Thumbs this would be no big deal, but for me it was huge!  I put the cutting in a small pot, out of the sun, in our laundry room.  I watched it die down, and then miraculously start to grow again.  I waited until I had transplanted it into a bigger pot before even telling Susan. I didn’t want to take any chances that it might not make it!  Now it is in a bigger pot, with a big flower and seeming to be very happy.  The color has changed; it’s now pink.  I only have it in a peat/compost mixture though.  I’ll have to wait until I plant it in the soil to see what color it will be in my garden.

Are you sharing your flowers with a friend?  Or if not,  I hope you have a friend who likes to share with you!  🙂


A beautiful blue hydrangea. from Susan’s garden.

Cut flowers of  hydrangea, sitting up high in my kitchen.

“Susan’s hydrangea” growing bigger.

Side view of more growth.

Buds appearing!

A flower! It’s not blue, but it’s only in a pot of compost/peat. We’ll see what color it turns after it’s eventually planted in my garden.

Still growing and getting more pink in color.

Even more pink!

Just a pretty view.

This is officially known at my house as “Susan’s Hydrangea”!

Some fabulous scents are in the garden now, which is perfect timing since the lavender is finished.

This is my flower of the moment! I love how it smells just walking past the garden!

The lilies are in among my lavender plants. We get so much wind that I have to stake them (ok, it’s not very pretty – I’ll have to seek out a prettier system next year!). You can see in the front I’ve trimmed the lavender plant, and I still have to trim the one in the left background.

8 thoughts on “From sharing flowers … to growing a Hydrangea from a cutting.

  1. It is said that a piece of old iron in the planting hole helps turn Hydrangeas blue. You can also buy a product in the garden centre which you water on, I think, and it gives blue flowers.

  2. Lovely post…don’t know why I have stopped getting your posts in my reader. I’m catching up from your previous one through September. I have green coated metal stakes with a thickness like a coat hanger and an open circle at the top in various sizes that I use for my Asiatic lilies. I have bought them in the garden centers of the big box stores here in the US. I think you should be able to find them in a garden center or online.

    • Thanks for sharing that info Karen. I’ll have to have a look and see if I can find those stakes or something similar. I’ll also be looking for something for my roses. We just get so much wind! I’d love to be able to keep them steady and still enjoy their beauty.

  3. I love your pink version too! interestingly, this year I planted another blue hydrangea, same as the original blue, but the colour is just not quite so electric. amazing how the soil varies even from place to place in the same garden. keep up the wonderful flower photography…I think you have a real talent for that, Dana!

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