The country life for me.

I love living in the country. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and relaxed. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a few wonderful places over the years. I’m originally from the Hudson Valley region of New York State, a town called Poughkeepsie.  It’s beautiful there. Yes, it is! 🙂 I also lived for many years in upstate New York, in a lovely village called Manlius.  So maybe that is why I have an appreciation for living in the country.  Let’s just say that I am thankful for being able to live surrounded by such beauty.

We live a mile from the village where my daughter goes to school.  Our youngest is our last one at the primary school, as her brother and sister have now moved on to secondary schools outside of the village.  This is the final week before summer holidays.  The weather was so nice yesterday that we decided to walk to school.  What a treat!  On our way home, we met up with our neighbor.  He is such a gentleman.  He also happens to have 3 sheep in his front yard.   I joke that they are the token sheep, since the area we live in is called “Sheepwalk”.   Tootsie Wootsie (what a great name for a sheep!) happened to be near the gate while we were chatting, so she came over to say hello.  She is huge and very friendly!

We had some dry days this past week, so I made great progress with painting our front fence.  I enjoyed chatting with some neighbors as they’d pass by on their walks.  It’s a lovely area we live in, including the neighbors.  It was a great feeling to finish painting the front section of the fence!  The next few days are supposed to be wet, so the good news is that I get a bit of a break from painting.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on garden planning.  I’m very grateful for my husband’s help and input with our garden, especially all of the digging parts!   Last night we went over some “new” plans of mine and between the two of us have come up with some really good, workable ideas.  I’m appreciating the time and patience that goes along with gardening, especially with creating new gardens!  We’re making progress, one small step at a time.

I hope your garden plans are growing along nicely, too!

Our littlest one on our walk to school.

Our lovely neighbor and his sheep “Tootsie Wootsie”.

The road back from school to our home.

Two beautiful copper beech trees at the entrance to the church (next to the school).

The fence almost completed.

I managed to finish the fence just before the rain came!  Such a difference to have some sun in the picture!

Yes, I had to share all of my hard work with you!

This sunset was earlier in the week.

An unsettled sky, but a beautiful sunset.

4 thoughts on “The country life for me.

  1. What a lovely walk and I’m so pleased that you got some sunshine over there 🙂 Your fence looks fabulous as it really showcases the house and garden – great job! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your garden plans… I love the planning stage as much as the planting!

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