Matching Stone Walls at the Front Gate.

I have a plan for our  garden.  A few of them, actually.  Implementing them is trickier than thinking them up though!  Then of course, there are changes that have to be made after the original plans don’t work out.  I’m experiencing it all while creating our garden!  Take our front gate, for example.  I planted two lovely hostas there that the slugs completely demolished last year.  Completely.  So this year, I’ve been on serious slug alert.  Every night I go out at 9:30 (it’s light here until past 10) and pick off about a half a dozen slugs from the two hostas.  Every night.  But it’s working and the hostas are surviving! I had also planted some prim roses opposite the hostas, but decided that they were too much work to try and save from slugs.  So today I dug them up and cleaned up that little garden.  I’m going to wait until the fall to plant something in the prim roses’ place, unless the perfect plant presents itself to me!   The climbing roses which I planted earlier this season on both sides of the gates are doing well.   Just as the rain came, I was finishing up a second stone wall, which I think closes off the garden (nicely if I can say so myself?).  I really like the stones and the fact that they are from the neighboring fields.  It was only after I was sorting through the pictures that I remembered that only one side of the gate fence is painted.  It’s been a busy time in our family and we’re looking at the fence painting be a summer long project!  Good things come to those who wait, right?

I hope you don’t have to wait too long for your projects this summer!


Here is a look at the painted side of the fence and the new stone wall.  There is a  small climbing rose plant on this side of the fence, while the peony plant is peeking through from the other side of the fence.  (The stone in the middle is covering our water pump cover.)

Looking at the new stone wall from our driveway.

You can see the raindrops on the stones.

The hosta & climbing rose plant (and unpainted fence!).

The second hosta and climbing rose plant (and unpainted fence!).  The little teeny guy below kept me company while I worked, despite our cat trying to play with him.

A look at the entrance.  I sure like the painted fence better than the unpainted!

The winds proved too much for my purple sensation allium.  So rather than leave them bent to the ground, I cut them and put them in my favorite vase.  I’m glad I still get to enjoy them for a wee while longer!

6 thoughts on “Matching Stone Walls at the Front Gate.

  1. Your garden looks lovely! Allium are on my “want list” they have been for years. By fall my gardening mojo is always so low and every spring I am so regretful. Maybe this year! You are inspiring me!

    • Thank you Lisa 🙂 I am constantly going around the garden and figuring out where I can put new things (like I’m hoping to add white allium to my center garden!). The blog is giving me extra focus, too! Thanks again!

  2. You’re so dedicated to your Hostas… but they’re such fantastic plants that they’re worth it! Those pesky slugs never seem to want to munch on dandelions do they?
    The fence looks lovely and it will show the plants off beautifully x

  3. Oh yes, since I don’t have that many plants & flowers in the yard yet, I have to be protective of what I have! Wouldn’t it be great if the slugs ate just the weeds? Thanks for the nice note 🙂

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