Strawberry Plants expanding in the garden.

Our garden is a constant work in progress.  It was so nice to have a blank slate, so to speak, to work with when we moved in as the yard  had nothing!  We have started small, and are adding on as we go along.  We have a few fruit plants so far: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples & a pear tree.   We weren’t really sure how many strawberry plants to plant last year.  We planted “a few” and hoped for the best.  Our plants have come from two friends who are wonderful sources of gardening information (and plants!).   It really is great how generous people are with their plants!  We were warned that they like to expand, and this past year expand they did! So this spring we had to adjust their area.  We added on a few rows, and removed the runners (baby off-shoots would be my unofficial description!).  My husband put the runners in pots, and they are now in our cold frame.  They’ll go back into the garden probably within a few weeks.  We’re still working on what to do with the walkways between the plants/gardens.  What you see in the pictures is a black garden carpet to keep the grass down.  It really is not very pretty.   I keep browsing through Pinterst to get ideas!  Our garden is changing and evolving all the time.  I think the perfect solution will  be clear when the time is right.

Here’s to planning for perfect solutions at the perfect time for all of our gardens!


Expanded strawberry bed.

A close-up look at the strawberry plants.

Potted strawberry runners.

An evening rainbow view from our backyard.

View from our front yard on rainbow evening.

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