Discovering what I was supposed to do … and Lavender Sachets, too.

It’s one of those things that I rarely do; sit down and concentrate on one thing.  I have three kids, a husband, and a cat.   I am being pulled in different directions 24/7.  So it was a nice change to have a quiet evening to myself where I could read through my gardening journal uninterrupted.  Yep, I was able to read about all of the great things I could have done in my garden this past fall… Ah well, this is a learning process.

I might not have been in the garden, but I was using plant material from my garden.  I was lucky enough to have English Lavender (Hidcote) already flourishing in our yard when we moved here.  Six plants of it. Six huge, gorgeous deep purple, super fragrant plants.  Prompted by my one sister-in-law, I decided to try drying them.  I cut as much as I could in July, and hung them upside down in dark places where ever I could manage in my house.  I liked having it in my closet as it smelled great!  By winter, the plants were plenty dry and ready to have the lavender pulled off of the stems.  Tedious, and way too boring an activity for the kids, it was just me left to do this task.  Boy did I smell fragrant doing this!  I filled a large air-tight container (a few times).  What to do with an abundance of lavender?  Make Sachets!  For all of the aunties, sisters-in-law, teachers, and to my neighbor who gave me the horse manure.  My husband has his sachet hanging in his car. My daughter has hers next to her pillow. I recently gave one to new parents as an accessory for their diaper (nappy) bag.  Everyone gets Lavender Sachets! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Discovering what I was supposed to do … and Lavender Sachets, too.

  1. we like to keep up with technology, so i actually have smellovision on my computer. It doesn’t work. i wouldn’t recommend buying it…

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